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Getting Languages into the home

No description

Simone Haughey

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Getting Languages into the home

Simone Haughey
Robin Hood Primary Academy
@simone haughey

Getting languages into
the home

Home Projects
Think about languages outside the lesson
Major element is to complete in own time
Spark an interest in the culture and country
Not rocket science!
Major French town
Research a French town
Also a topic of French culture that would interest them eg football, fashion
Four weeks to complete in own time
Use anything to make their project, ppts, posters, comic life, booklets
Present to class and class to feedback positive and constructive criticism
Marked out of 40 like my childhood projects
10 presentation
10 content
10 creativity
10 using own words
Prizes of french books and fancy stationary!
Chinese Projects

Share the children's work, either take photos, videos, record their voices shared on audioboo or voki!
Languages Blog
I will post vocab and links to the topic.
Wordpress or edublogs.
Online resource
Put into context
Youtube videos
Reward with stickers and raffle tickets
Display wall for anything to do with languages and the countries.
IExtra work done and tems found at home from woks to beer bottle tops.
Photograph anything and instantly blog it with the Wordpress app on my phone.
Giving their find and interest importance.
World of Languages
These have been ways for the children to continue thinking about languages at home that isn't homework or homefun as my Dad calls it.
For me making a difference with languages is to ignite enough enthusiasm for the learner to take languages home in their heart
Great Wall
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