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On-Campus Housing

Residential Education/Housing

Christina Harris

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing Congratulations! You have been admitted to West Virginia University Your next step is to set up housing for the academic year. We're here to help you! How Do I Apply for Housing? Since you have been admitted to WVU, your first step to obtain on-campus housing is to pay the academic deposit.

Once your academic deposit is received housing information will be sent out automatically. How Do I Get a Housing Application? Housing applications can be found electronically on STAR through the MIX account or request a paper application through housing. Return the application with a $225 housing deposit or pay on-line through STAR. Paper Applications MUST have the student's original signature.

Applications are received as early as October for the following academic year. It's in the best interest of the student to get the application in early. What Deadlines Do I Need To Keep In Mind? October- online housing application opens

February 1st- room selection priority period will being to open

May 1st- partial refund deadline to fall/spring academic year How Do I Pick My Room & Roommate? Log onto Housing Management Systems (HMS) by using your WVU ID number or MIX account ID & password
This database provides a listing of all available university residence halls.
You can even make a room selection for a future academic year/term To select a roommate through the HMS database send a "roommate invitation" by entering their MIX email address.
This will notify your potential new roommate & they will have 10 days to respond.
After a response has taken place a confirmation email will be sent to both MIX accounts and room placement will begin. What If I Don't Have A Roommate? If you don't have a roommate in mind the HMS database can help you find a roommate that is most compatible with you. Log into the HMS database and create a roommate profile by answering a few questions to make an appropriate roommate choice
Within the roommate search each potential candidate will appear with a percentage compatibility rating beside them.
Send the candidate a roommate invitation How Will I Know Where I am Living? Check MIX for room assignments/
roommate information or changes
in location of a room/roommate. Which Campus Is Right For Me? Determining which campus to live on can be a tough decision. Both campuses are great, but one may cater more to certain needs of the student. Should I Live on the Evansdale Campus? Dorm rooms are carpeted & air conditioned
More green space to relax & participate in recreational sports
Less traffic, congestion, & more parking
Closer to the rec center, student health, athletic facilities, stadium, CAC, and grocery stores. Should I Live on the Downtown Campus? Dorm rooms are older, not carpeted, &
non-air conditioned
Less green space for recreational sports
More traffic, congestion, & less parking
Closer location to most first year classes
Closer location to major fall/spring events such as FallFest, WVU Up All Night, & Homecoming Week events. Are All Room Prices the Same? Each dorm hall & rooms vary in price Rooms

Singles: $2,916- $3,110
Doubles: $2,324- $2,980
Triples: $2,206- $2,632
Suites- $2,430 Floors
Co-ed or single floor gender

*room pricing is the current price as of January 2013 What Can I Expect to Find in My Room & Hall? All rooms are furnished with an extra long twin size bed, desk, chair, lamp, waste baskets, drapes, closet, dresser, phone connection with voicemail, basic cable TV connection, high speed internet connection. Hall halls have: laundry facilities
classroom space
Lounge areas
WVU non-smoking policy Some halls have: learning centers, fitness areas, dining facilities What Should I Bring With Me to My Dorm? Just in case you don't know what to bring to the dorm with you here's a small list: flashlight
surge protector
shower bucket w/ wash clothes & towels
shower flip flops
prescribed medications
alarm clock
sewing kit
room decorations
(hung up with command strips) extra long twin bedsheets/blanket
coffee mugs/plastic cups
school supplies/backpack
overnight bag for weekend trips
coffee maker (on/off light indicator)
TV, DVD, MP3 player
mini refrigerator/freezer
fan What Should I Leave at Home? For safety/health reasons please leave these items at home: toasters
electric ovens
waffle irons
crock pots
loft beds
portable heaters
electric grills
any appliance with an open flame candles
empty alcohol containers
air conditioners
extension cords
charcoal grills
weapons of any kind
amplified instrument equipment Do I Have to Buy a Meal Plan?
How Much is it? Yes, all residence must by a meal plan. These meal plans can be used in both the dining hall & certain locations at the Mountain Lair. *prices reflect 2013-2014 academic school year Traditional Meal Plans

The Mountaineer: $2,240
Select 15: $1,970 Block Meal Plans

Blue Plan: $1,760
Gold Plan: $2,230 Where Can I Eat? Mountain Lair
Saikou Sushi
Burger Kind
Cafe Evansdale
Lyons Den
Sports Cafe - rec center
Brew N Gold Cafe
Bits and Bytes Evansdale Downtown Terrace Room
Boreman Bistro
Elizas- library
Arnold's Diner
Summit Cafe How Safe Is My Dorm Room? Safety & Security is very important at West Virginia University Each room has smoke detectors & sprinkler system
Every floor has one to two Residential Assistants
Side doors of the dorms are locked & alarms are activated at 9pm. ID is required after hours
Night Staff is available
University Police officers
Emergency text & email system is in place Who Will I Meet Once I Get to the Dorms? Any & all questions can be answered by the dorm halls staff.

Upon moving into the dorm you'll see the following staff is always available for you:

Resident Faculty Leaders (RFLs)
Residence Hall Coordinators (RHC)
Resident Assistant (RA)
Main Desk Staff
Night Staff What Is a Resident Faculty Leader? *Add youtube video What is a Residence Hall Coordinator? * add youtube video What is a Resident Assistant? *add youtube video Who are Main Desk & Night Staff? Main Desk Staff Night Staff Available 24 hours a day. This is the central point of information for residents. Services range from temporary key dispersal, equipment check-out, work order requests, guest registration, upcoming events, etc.

Students will find main desk staff to be very helpful! Night staff makes security their main priority. They respond to policy violations & emergency situations at night. Night staff checks student ID's, working the main desk, and patrolling the residence halls between midnight & 8am. Did We Not Answer Your Question Yet? Please visit our website at

http://housing.wvu.edu/ Or call Housing (304) 293-4491 or Residential Education (304) 293-4686 *Add possible pictures of dorm events, staff, etc in this space. Your Fun, Exciting, and Educational Year Awaits!
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