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Molly Wolff

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Italy

by Molly Wolff
Kaiya Hagen

The Eternal City
Apennines Mountains
CIA Factbook
PGR: .34% World Rank: 163
NMR: 4.47 World Rank: 24
Life Expectancy: 81.95 World Rank: 11
Urbanization: 68%
Literacy Rate: 99%
Unemployment Rate: 35.3% World Rank: 18
GDP: 1.813 trillion dollars World Rank: 11
The capital of Italy is Rome, otherwise known as the Eternal City. Ancient Romans believed that no matter what, Rome would go on forever.

Population of Rome: 2.8 million

People believe that if you throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder with your back to the fountain, it is guaranteed you will return to Rome.
- separates east and west of Italy
- 870 miles long
- 25-125 miles wide
- Mt. Corno is the highest point at 9,554 feet
Vatican City
Vatican Facts
- Vatican City is it's own country being the smallest in the world
- created after the signing of the Lateran pacts
- Roman Catholic church is located here
- less than 100 years old

The green on Italy's flag represents hope and the hills and plains of Italy.
White represents faith and the snow-capped mountains.
Red is to represent charity and the blood spilled in the war to get Italy to independence.
The Colosseum is located in Rome. In ancient Rome, gladiator fights took place here. In modern day Rome, it attracts about 4,440,500 tourists a year.
Italy declared independence on 3/17/1861
The Trevi Fountain
Map of Italy
-family is VERY important
-you will be judged by your physical appearance when you first meet someone.
-it is rude to call someone by their first name until they let you know that you can
-Italian, German, French, and Slovene are the main languages
Italy sided with Germany in World War II
The official currency in Italy is the Euro
1 Euro = 1.39 US Dollars
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