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Amna Rehman

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of IFMSA PROJECTS


Within the IFMSA the term “projects” refers to activities in many fields, of interest to medical students, which is in concordance with the IFMSA principles, aims and policy statements.
This may include Projects, Events, Workshops, Surveys, Networks and Campaigns.


Projects Support Division (PSD):

The body that administrates projects within IFMSA .
The Projects Proposals Review Committee (PPRC):
established to assist the PSD Director with the specific task of revising candidate project proposals.

The IFMSA has three categories of projects:
IFMSA Endorsed Projects
 IFMSA Transnational Projects
 IFMSA Initiatives

An attempt to cope with the global crisis on lack of access to essential drugs
1. Secure universal access to new drugs  
2. Improve research on neglected diseases.
3. We want the success of research
to be measured by the amount
of people who benefit from

Access to Medicines

 To raise awareness of methods of prevention of HIV and the spread of this information amongst those people most at risk in a society.
Project coordiantor: Arsalan Inayat

AIDS Prevention Project (APP)

Global Medicine is an initiative of the International Federation of Medical Students' Association - The Netherlands. 
 It's a magazine that was created to increase the interest in global health, especially the interest of medical students - the world's future doctors. 


INcommunity is a project attempting to increase the knowledge that medical students have on their own neglected populations, so that they become better doctors when it gets to deal with them in our future practice.


LabMond is a three-day educational event for undergraduate medical students focused on Global Health issues
The project aims to spread knowledge about Global Health among medical students.

Laboratorio di Mondialità (LabMond)

Printed publication distributed to medicine students during national SISM (Italian Medical Students' Association) meeting. It contains four case reports, written by students and residents. 
Minima Medicamenta

OSMOSE is a french acronym that could be translated as Open Dialogue on Mental Health in High School.
Our Mission
– To raise awareness and develop understanding of mental health issues among teenagers ;
– To break the taboos associated with mental illness
– To prevent mental disorders and suicide among young adults.


The aim of our project is to ensure that all medical students are prepared and have access to safe and fruitful professional elective experiences.
Five core competencies that should be covered in all PDT sessions include:
1. Personal Health
2. Travel Safety
3. Cultural Competency
4. Language Competency
5. Ethical Considerations

Pre-Departure Training (PDT)

The Residency Database project’s aim is to facilitate international medical students and young doctors to reach information concerning the residency system and application procedure to different countries of the world.

Residency database

Red Party is an HIV/AIDS charity initiative run entirely by medical students around Australia.
The concept of the Red Party is simple: a great party with a red theme, the internationally recognised colour of AIDS.

Red Party

The Sensibilizarte Project was created to provide medical students a more sensitive and a holistic view of the patient The project is developed in four different areas: clown, music, storytelling and crafts.
inspired by the work of Patch Adams


SharingInHealth is an open-access, computer-based textbook for health care students in low-resourced countries.
Designed to increase training capacity.

Sharing in Health

"TurkMSIC Medical Education Workshops" is a TurkMSIC national project for four years.

TurkMSIC Medical Education Workshops

An IFMSA Endorsed Project is a project coordinated by one or more organisations , which is endorsed by the IFMSA General Assembly.

1. Access to Medicine
2. AIDS Prevention Project
3. Global Medicine
4. Incommunity
5. Laboratorio Mondialita (LabMond)
6. Minima Medicamenta
8. Pre-Departure Training
9. Residency Database
10. Red Party
11. Sensibilizarte
12. Sharing in Health
13. TurkMSIC Medical Education Workshop


An IFMSA Initiative is a project centrally coordinated under the responsibility of the IFMSA Executive Board. It is designed to carry out the core principles and objectives of IFMSA as outlined in the Constitution.

IFMSA Initiatives

It provides medical students with opportunities to learn about global health in the context of their clinical and extracurricular activities.

Think Global
Act local - Raising Awareness on Global Health

A world in which all healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to work effectively in our global society.

Think Global will facilitate student learning on global health issues and equip them with the tools and competencies to take action on them

1. To develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively in a global society.
2. To promote the importance of global health education
3. to organize events and activities to learn about global health on a local and national level.
4. To build a network of students interested in global health and link them with external partners.
5. To create global health advocates

The achievement of, in the words of the Alma Ata Declaration, health for all 

To mobilize our medical students and future physicians in championing “health for all”

The IFMSA Global Health Equity Initiative

Placing equity in the global health agenda. 
Building a constituency base. 
Empowering and reorienting the health sector. 
Translating advocacy into positive policy change. 
Harmonizing and integrating other issues with global health equity. 
Education on global health equity. 
Involving other professions and disciplines in the fight for global health equity.
Placing IFMSA as a leader in global health equity.

An IFMSA Transnational Project is a project, which involves more than one organization (of which, at least one is an IFMSA National Member Organisation).

IFMSA Transnational Project

First Gynaecological Consultation
-- (Poland, Slovakia, Peru)
Female Genital Mutilation
--- (Egypt, Sudan)

Mr and Ms Breastestis
---.Egypt, Croatia)

Northern European Cooperation on Sex Education Projects (NECSE)
---(Austria,Denmark,Estonia,Finnland,Germany, UK)

Rainbow Project
-- (Germany)

SCORA Twinning
--( Austria, Croatia)

SCORA X-change

Sexual Education for Sex Workers (SESWO)

Sexual Health and Peer Education (SHAPE)
The Peace Test
--a human rights and peace education project. The main goal is to raise awareness of these issues among students and preventing violence and promoting tolerance and equality. (Finland, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mexico, Japan)
--This project aspires to unite all humanitarian SCORP projects from around the world into a unique platform database. (Lebanon, Romania)
Crossing Borders for Health
--mission is to remove barriers to healthcare for refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. (Croatia, UK, Malta, Sweden, USA)
Asian Collaborative Training on Infectious Disease, Outbreak, Natural Disaster and Refugee Management (ACTION)
--to raise medical students’ interest in “Disaster Medicine” and educate them (Japan)
Teddy Bear Hospital
(scoph and scorp) --Public Health project for 3-6 year old children. The aim is to take children’s fear
of physicians and hospitals. Besides it is also
a good opportunity for medical students
to work with children.
STEP  is a project that provides an internship focusing on tropical diseases in Sudan. The program will consist of a scientific part, a medical mission to a rural area and unique social programs. (Sudan)
Building up the Bones
-- to raise awareness of osteoporosis.
Eating disorders awareness project
--to increase medical students’ knowledge on eating disorders. (Poland, Mexico)
Healthy Planet International
-- Our “vision” is global health equity. Our “arena” is climate change and environmental public health. Our “strategy” lies in educating the international health student body. (Belgium, Mauritius, Austria)
Organ Donation
--educational project, with a purpose to promote organ donorship; to educate the public about organ donorship and organ transplantation.
(scome, scoph)--are to
create a network, to develop
among medical students and
schools a different culture of taking
care of patients’ problems, and to
improve the patients’ life quality during hospitalization. (Italy, Brasil, Peru, Catalonia, Ecuador)

Hy-5 Hand Hygiene Campaign
--a campaign with the vision of improving hand care and hand cleansing.
Breaking the silence
--teaching medical students and young doctors
how to communicate with the deaf patient.
Dying the human thing
-- addressed to all medical students who are
interested in working with terminally ill patients.
WHO Simulation
-- Project aims to foster interest in global health and health policy. to develop public speaking skills, debate key issues in global health and contribute to a written declaration. 
Surgical Suturing Combat
Good Medical Practice
-- aims to revive the
importance of teaching medical ethics through
awareness campaigns.

‘USMLE and electives seminar’
‘BLS and ALS workshop’
'Oral hygiene workshop'
‘Tb prevention programe‘
'you and your skin’
'Special children event‘
'Immunization week’


‘Career guidance Seminar’
‘BLS workshop’
‘Tobacco prevention event‘
‘Blood Donation Camp’
‘Maternal and Child Health Care Project (MCHP)’



 "Myths About Blood Donation”
“Oral Hygiene Workshop”


being able to display project information on the IFMSA website and the official projects database
receiving letters of recommendation from the Executive Board, and support in grant applications and fundraising activities
priority in promotional efforts within the IFMSA network.


Research Workshop
--is a course designed to teach medical students how to become GOOD consumers and producers of research.

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