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Access to Water is a systemic issue

Presentation for Boris Martin - ROMA Conference Feb 23, 2015

David Damberger

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Access to Water is a systemic issue

How Does Your Organization Treat It?
"Everything people see from Africa doesn't matter.

And everything that matters from Africa, people don't get to see"
Unsafe water means unsafe and unproductive communities.
Even complicated schemes fail...
The Challenge is
We all need to be accountable and open to learning.
District can sustain water, when they have the data
We have to engage constituents in local decision making, to keep the water flowing
Back to square one.
Asset Management
What really gets in the way of your municipality's ability to make informed decisions?
Engaging Constituents
What engagement strategies work best for you?

Who is left out, when we use social media to serve your organization's communications needs?
Thank you
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