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No description

Daxton DiMuzio

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of THE NATURALS

The black box with locket of red hair represents the first clue that the killer gives to lure the Naturals on a chase.
Black Box With Red Hair
A theater is where the killer recreated the worst day of Cassie's life. It was the crime scene of her mother's death.

Lipstick is stolen
by the serial killer
every time a victim
is murdered.

The main setting of this book takes place in a small building next to the FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. There are also may scenes in and around the Washington, D.C. area. The time is present.
Cassie Hobbes
Cassie Hobbes is the protagonist of the story. She has red hair, is 17 years old, and very pretty.
She is a natural at reading people and has exceptional skills. Her mother was a psychic and helped her develop these skills She is very mature and not like most other teenagers. She is a natural profiler. A profiler is a person that develops a profile of person using information that is known. Law enforcement uses profilers when they are trying to solve cases and need to find out information on the type of suspect.

the AR level for this book is a 5.0
In this book, the FBI recruited Cassie for a new teenage crime solving program. They also recruited other teenagers who had special abilities like reading emotions, detecting lies, and profiling. They needed these teenagers to help solve Cold Cases involving murders and abductions. They named this group of teenagers, THE NATURALS.
There is a serial killer on the loose and he (or she) is killing people who look exactly like Cassieʼs mother. The killer is also trying to kill Cassie. Cassie and the rest of the Naturals are trying to do everything they can using their special skills to catch the killer. They think the killer is the same person who killed Cassieʼs mom. The Killer sent Cassie on a chase for clues, and even recreated Cassieʼs most horrible day ever, the day her mother supposedly died. Not only does Cassie need to discover the identity of the killer, she also needs to stay safe. It is very hard for Cassie to trust anybody. Will the Cassie or the killer win the deadly game?

Dean Redding is a lean, strong, 18 year old boy. He has light hair and dark eyes. Dean is very ambitious. He is the only other profiler in the Naturals. His role in the story is to act as a partner with Cassie in solving the case of a serial killer. He teaches Cassie the ins and outs of profiling.
Dean Redding
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I really liked this book because it kept you guessing, especially at the end of the chapters when the book described what the killer was thinking. The book sometimes was written in Cassie's voice and sometimes the killerʼs voice. This book was a definite page turner. I have a connection with Cassie because I have the ability to notice little things about people and put the pieces together, to discover the big picture. I would interpret that even though the author did not say it, that Cassie was good at building or putting puzzles together as a kid. I enjoy this genre because I love the action and suspense in the Action/Mystery genre. There were very many mini climaxes in this book to grab your attention, and the chapters ended with cliffhangers like many mysteries do. An example of this is when Cassie was about to open the door of the theater, not knowing if she would be killed or not. Although I thought this was a very good book, I think the author could have done a better job developing the characters. However, I recommend this book to those of you who like the genre and do not have a weak stomach. Be warned, it gets very creepy!
Personal Opinion and Recommendation
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