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Giuliana Heger

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of -

Why do I have to acquire customers?
I don't have time for this!
Customer acquisition is not profitable!
To follow a standardized step by step process is useless...
The problem
How to improve the company's existing sales process to increase the number of newly acquired customers?
What are the success factors of sales process improvement?

How are the success factors implemented into company operations?

How does the company’s existing sales process look like?

Which steps of the sales process have to be improved?

Research methodology
Exploratory case study research design
Semi-structured and in-depth interviews
Qualitative research analysis
Secondary research findings
Primary research findings
My recommendations
Success factors of process improvement
Encouraging communication and collaboration
Setting and communicating objectives
Amount of staff, time and resources dedicated
Management commitment/support/involvement

Provide recommendations for sales process improvement
Increase the number of newly acquired customers
Success factors
Sales process
Qualitative research design
Interviews as single source of evidence
One-sided perspective of the sales process
Literature gaps
Decrease in number of customers
Decrease of sales volume
Inefficient and ineffective sales process
Recommendations to improve the implementation of the success factors of sales process improvement
Recommendations to improve the existing sales process
Offering trainings/workshops/information sessions
Introducing a documented and standardized sales process

Improving the communication flow
Better setting and communicating objectives
Better planning of staff, time and resources dedicated
Improving management commitment/support/involvement

No goal setting
Insufficient communication flow
Existing resources are not exploited sufficiently
Poor management commitment
1st and 2nd step (Prospecting and pre-approach) of sales process are most significant
5th step (Overcoming objections) was neglected from sales process
Problems in sales process are caused by insufficient implementation of success factors
Strong focus on improvement of chosen success factors rather than sales process itself
by Giuliana Heger
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