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evolution of airplanes

science project

Tian yang zhang

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of evolution of airplanes

Evolution of airplanes The first airplanes were self powered and were hard to gain acceleration only by pedaling and propellers . They were thought up by people who dreamed of flying then airpanes began to use propellers and engines newer airplanes have a propeller or multiple propellers to help take off easier, there are still some today. most modern day airplanes and aircrafts all have engines and can also be unmanned. mostly use fuel Airplanes affected the way we travel in the ways of letting us go to further places in a shorter time. it also helped in scientific researches in weather. recent airplanes are effecting the environment because they waste a lot of fuel travelling over long distances. people are starting to think about building electric powered planes. by Tian yang, Hamad, and Jesse
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