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Youtube and youtubers

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on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of Youtube and youtubers

The generation of the new media
Youtube's influence in society
Promotion on YouTube
Until 2012, YouTube promoted videos based on the amount of views that they had. This changed in 2012, when instead of views, the more important factor became retention time.
When a video or channel has several views, YouTube invites the uploader to join the "Partner Program". That means that the uploader will aloud YouTube to put advertisement in their videos, and they'll get the 55% of the advertising revenue (YouTube takes the other 45%).
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A little bit of history
What is Youtube?
The future of Youtube

- Video-sharing website.

- San Francisco, February 2005.

- Original owners:
Chad Hurley, Steve Chen
Jawed Karim.

- "Me at the zoo" was the first video uploaded.

- Most used video-sharing website.

- Adquired by Google.inc in 2006

The change of traditional social media
Will the internet replace the traditional social media (newspapers, radio, tv...) ?
Has the internet been a very bad thing for the professional creative community?
The rise of the new media, the appearance of youtubers and bloggers
"Youtubers" is used to refer to YouTube personalities
They are audiovisual content makers who upload on a time to time basis
They often use other social medias (Instagram, twitter, Facebook, tumblr, vine...) to self promotion and contact with their fans
YouTube slang
month favorites
A special case: Pewdiepie
His real name is Felix Kjellberg
He is a Swedish youtuber
He makes around $4 million a year
He is the most followed youtuber with 31.8M subscribers
He is probably the most famous gamer of all the internet
The rising of the gaming community
18 Vevo music channels
20 large companies channels like NBA, redbull, SMTOWN ...
Most subscribed youtubers channels.
In the 100 most subscribed channels there are 16 gaming channels But this has a trick, because if we eliminate:
They produce faster; the editing is minimal and most of the talking are improvised reactions
The average time of their videos is about 9 minutes, which is way more than other types of videos
They upload 8 or more videos per week
The main part of those sixteen are individuals who play an comment video games. They have several advantages compared to others YouTube channels because:
32 950 064
19 962 162
19 182 081
14 220 443
13 180 994
12 030 425
11 121 443
10 806 529
10 599 242
6 673 546 790
1 529 417 287
3 781 817 227
1 597 324 411
1 961 414 326
5 191 276 720
1 315 562 034
2 760 975 606
2 326 316 142

Video views
Beauty&fashion gurus
There are other many types of entertainment too: channels dedicated to music,short-films, new shows, books/tv shows/films reviews, cooking tutorials...

Web pages:
Culture Show
BBC's , emision date :04/09/2013
All the images are from google.com
YouTube space in London
What is YouTube?
Youtubers, what are they?
The future of YouTube
The new social media: YouTube

If you want to know more...
The reproducer

- Need Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
- Grey colour.

Restriction of copies

- Videos with Flash Format.


- Videoclips and viral videos most uploaded ones.
- Able to put comments on the videos or vote if you they like them or not.

And more...

- Website used by drug traffickers and crime bands.
- Upload images of dead people and decapitations.
- Being chased by the government.
- "Invention of the year" prize in 2006 by Time magazine.
- We don´t realize that YouTube influences us.
- Citizen Tube created.
- "C generation".
- They announce the brands they want

Viral videos
What is that?
A video which has a lot of visits in a really short period of time.
The new social media
- Use more social medias for self promotion and contacting with fans.

- Not only Youtubers, but all the people who has an audience.

- Most used social medias:
- Photo messaging application
- Created in 2011

- A social networking service
- Created in 2003
- Pretty known for long-distance relationships.
- Refused to buy Facebook.
- A monoblogging platform.
- Founded by David Karp, owned by Yahoo!
- Use of

What is that?
An image where everything is frozen except from something which is on movement.
- An online social networking service.
- 140 characters maximum.
- Created in 2006, San Francisco.
- "Trending Topic" & "Hastag"
- You need to be very careful with the things you tweet.
- Most used online social networking service.
- Created in 2004 in California.
- Last year a movie about YouTube and it´s owners was recorded.
- Mark Zuckenberg is it´s founder. Is a millionaire now.
- A short form video-sharing service.
- Founded in 2012.
- Maximum length six seconds.
- Jerome Jarre is a really popular Vine user.
- An online mobile photo-sharing.
- Created in 2010, in San Francisco.
- You can tag friends and use
- Pretty known by models and young female girls.
- Common themes: food, landscapes and clothes.
- Use of the word "selfie" and the expression "let me take a selfie".
- Originally created in 2002.

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