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Christiaan Barnard

No description

Chase Nichols

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Christiaan Barnard

Christiaan Barnard
By: Chase Nichols, Tylege Hall
How did he get famous
-Dr.Christiaan Barnard proved that a birth defect called congenital intestinal atresia was caused by the fetus not getting enough blood.
-Proved it could be cured by a surgical procedure.
-Designed a artificial heart valves
-Did his first heart transplant on Dec,2 of 1967
-He was a pioner cardiac surgeon
Age and Birth
-His full name is Christaan Neethling Barnard.
-He was born on Nov, 8 1922 in Beaufort West, South Africa

Childhood and
He has three brothers, they grew up at the same place were they were born, was very poor and attended a public school
He managed to get a three year scholarship at University of Cape Town
Earned his masters
Childhood and Education continued
Worked short time as a doctor before joining Cap Town medical school
Went to later on go for his Ph.D and start a career
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