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TOK Time

No description

Glenn Connelly

on 17 November 2017

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Transcript of TOK Time

TOK Time
-2 intro activities
-TOK Posters
-Unit Plan Guidance
Read the story and consider the following questions:
-Who is acting under what moral principle(s)?
-Who is most at fault?
a) Jessamyn shouldn’t give into Sinbad’s offer; she is in a relationship with Mandango.

b) Sinbad shouldn’t make his offer to Jessamyn as she is has no other way to get across the river.

c) Arunta shouldn’t take Jessamyn’s side in the argument and be outraged.

d) Mandango shouldn’t reject Jessamyn and call her a “slut”.

e) Jessamyn shouldn’t try to appease Mandango’s impatience and jealousy.
AOK: Ethics
AOK: Natural Sciences
-Each person gets 3 cards.
-I will accept or decline 1 card at a time based on a rule.
-Figure out the rule.
Knowledge Framework
-Historical Development
-Links to Personal Knowledge
Knowledge Framework Posters in Class
At your tables, come up with 3 different ways to incorporate this poster into a lesson.
Unit Plan: TOK Connections
-Use KF as a starting point
-Think about where you might answer the following questions:
-HOW do we know this is true?
-What Ways of Knowing are we using? Are they reliable? Why?
-How was this process different in the past? How might it be different in the future?
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