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RAPP journey


Hannah Dunnett

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of RAPP journey

Hannah Dunnett
DAS Accelerate Graduate

My Journey at RAPP
It is with sadness that I bid farewell to RAPP but excitement that I join my next agency, Cedar.
I also produced research for a client investigating into the rising trend of second screen technology
Seduced by all
the data talk...

I got my first iphone!
The State of the Nation
During my time in Research, I worked on an internal ringfence project, a 'part II' to an Austerity project that had been produced 2 years prior.
I carried out extensive desk research into the changing spending and coping habits of the nation, which sectors were doing well and which were not, consumers changing perceptions of value and their new expectations and subsequently how brands can be seen to experiment beyond their normal remit in order to satisfy the increasingly demanding consumer. I then weaved this into a story (snippets coming next) which we then constructed a questionnaire from to gain further insight
Whilst in the Research Department I also worked for accounts such as Virgin investigating into marketing concepts such as
I also worked on strategy for the Virgin Media account. We were reviewing the brochure they currently send to their customers and thinking about the best way to develop it.
Next Stop:
Next Stop:
During my time as a Strategist I worked on the Dixons account where we were developing a vision of what their CRM would look like in 2015.
and so in
Abandoned Basket Campaigns
My time in Data really opened my eyes to the staggering potential it offers brands. If the correct metrics are used brands can improve customer experience hugely. Whilst consumers are still sometimes suspicious the future may be different as data collection points become increasingly common and consumers acknowledge the benefits it provides them.
Social listening is an important and insightful form of monitoring brand perception as brands are what people say about them. There is a need to monitor, understand and respond to customers, prospects and influencers and use the insight gained to build a more relevant and positive experience for all stakeholders.
I monitored and analysed social noise from pre to post launch for Barclays new rewards card, Freedom. Using the tool Gorkana Metria Radar, I assessed social noise across a range of sites including twitter, forums, blogs and news sites. Some of the things I looked at in particular were the sentiments of comments, the platforms on which the most noise was occurring and noise about competitors. From these results I produced bite size daily reports which were sent out to stakeholders in Barclays and a more detailed weekly report which expanded further upon the trends and offered recommendations to the client for how to both increase positive social noise and learn from it.
Social Listening
Understanding consumer behaviour within e-commerce is imperative to online retail success. It is becoming increasingly common for consumers to browse online but the digital environment means consumers can easily abandon their basket at the last minute. Here lies a great opportunity for brands to understand a customers triggered journey and to reach out and reconnect at these moments.
"...and they lived digitally ever after"
Next Stop:
I worked on accounts such as &
Big sister
Thrill Seeker!
Hockey Player
Radio Co-Host
Wrote for the Student Newspaper
Durham Graduate
Geography/Education/Philosophy 2:1
PR experience at ...
...investigating into the current efforts of the brands and their respective competitors to reconnect with consumers after they had abandoned their baskets.
This involved disguising myself as an online shopper and navigating through the competitors we were interested in. I then plotted response times to see how long it took for a variety of brands to reach out to customers who had abandoned their basket. This led to research on 'email best practice' and coupled with data on open rates to discover the most effective ways of reconnecting with customers.
Some really interesting insights came out of this and I compiled decks that were used when feeding back to the client.
After a few weeks in Data, I moved over the bridge to research corner...
Head of Research
Me again
Research Manager
The Research Department
Initially it proved challenging to work with so much data. However after changing the boolean logic through which the noise was captured I was was able to filter it more effectively.
Liaising directly with the client and strict daily deadlines for the reports was incredibly energising and I learnt an enormous amount from my first project at RAPP.
Harnessing data effectively enables brands to personally connect with consumers. We are already seeing examples of this and greater data transparency (e.g. Boden's catalogue with the personal consumer-brand life story) and this looks set to continue.
Shoppers are smarter
From the digitally native...
..to the once technophobes
...now anyone can have access to information to pierce brand claims
75% love the thrill of a bargain
70% are proud to tell their friends about bargains they find
11% hide the fact they buy value products
47% perceive low prices as more important than brand names
And so consumers have redefined value and made a new normal
And so brands find themselves competiting across sector
Cinemas now face homeware providers as competition; the cult of the home means more people spent increased time and money on the home rather than out of home leisure
Consumer confidence is at its lowest since 1994 and so it is no surprise we are seeing the devaluation of value
Yet consumers still crave fun and escapism
We then translated this story into a series of questions to ask our mobile community, who were tracking their spending habits over 2 weeks to report back to us.
The results from which will be coupled with quantitative data to equip us with powerful insight to help our clients improve their understanding of and service for consumers.
Brands such as Orange recognise different personality types in their monthly plans
The panther tribe, the racoon, the dolphin or the cat
Nandos launched a 'find yourself' campaign, encouraging consumers to identify themselves with one of the 6 different spice tribes
and Levis reinvented the way people shop for jeans through assigning to people to tribes
70% of people watch TV with a second device
Many brands can be seen to be capitalising on this change in viewing behaviour such as VW and The Voice
VW recently ran an interactive ad during The X Factor asking watchers to tweet the one song they would listen to for the rest of their lives, revealing the results in subsequent ad breaks
Shows such as The Voice have launched 2nd screen app with the likes of Zeebox
Whilst within the Research Department I had the opportunity to go to numerous seminars and conferences hosted by those such as the IPA and the Future Foundation. Events such as these are great as not only did I learn an incredible amount but I really considered the work I was doing in the wider context of trends whilst thinking about what the future of brands and the industry looks like. I thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility of representing the agency and meeting people from across the industry.
Next Stop:
As part of a wider strategy I was tasked with interviewing retail experts whose answers would help us in crafting this vision for Dixons. I helped script the Questions for the interviews.
I then spent a few days travelling round London meeting and interviewing research experts from Mintel, Future Foundation, IBM Research and more. The interviews were filmed and brought back to RAPP where the footage was reviewed and soundbites extracted which really brought to life the points most relevant for Dixons.
This then formed part of a video which I helped research and write the script for.
I started by looking at the landscape of catalogues, brochures, buyers guides and handbooks from across a range of sectors and taking examples and inspiration from them that could be applicable to Virgin Media. I collated this in a deck and presented in meetings but also compiled a moodboard...
...to really bring some points to life.
Further tasks included looking at the current position of the Virgin 'catalogue' in relation to competitors. From this we could identify the direction we wanted to take and the position Virgin ultimately wanted to occupy in the landscape.
...so that pitch! It was the climax of an eight week programme run by Omnicom where graduates from a variety of agencies across the network were put into teams to pitch for a global client. Across the two months we heard from a range of industry experts in advertising, direct marketing, digital, PR, healthcare etc, and it was really insightful to learn about disciplines other than your own. We then took this knowledge and blended the angles we each brought to the team to produce an integrated marketing campaign. We then presented this in a 15 minute pitch in front of a panel of CEOs and the client. It was hard work, great fun and incredibly valuable as not only did we learn so much but had exposure to senior people and started building our own network.
I worked on the Open University Account whilst in the Media Department.
I bought media space, monitored campaign success, produced reports for clients, liaised with suppliers to ensure optimisation and used tools such as flashtalking and comScore
New Business
Next Stop:
I contributed to a press release regarding RAPP's 'State of the Nation' research project in light of George Osborne's 'We are all in this together' Autumn Statement. After conducting, analysing and summing up results from a quicksurvey.com I helped create a small tale that was put onto our website and fed into the press.
I also helped a team prepare for a chemistry meeting with a potential client. I researched the competitors who were also pitching and tried to second guess the angle they would be coming from in order for RAPP to be as best prepared as possible
During my time on floor 2, I worked with a creative team to respond to Virgin Media Brief. I found concepting, scamping and writing copy so energising and one of my ideas was developed to present to the client.
New Business
In my 3 months at RAPP I have learnt such an incredible amount, been inspired at the talent of the work force, and met so many lovely people!
oh and a very merry Christmas to you!
"la la laa"
The Google Labs at The Science Museum worth a visit!
I attended bi-weekly strategy meetings, one of which I made a presentation in about the importance of the 'little stories' in an industry potentially overwhelmed with big data and metanarratives
Working alongside one of the New Business Directors I investigated into the advertising spent of over 250 brands trying to identify any scope for new business. New Business is such as important part of any agency and it was really interesting to understand and experience the mechanics of it in such a large network as RAPP.
I also did some research for Dulux about B2B campaigns. It was interesting to look this as most of the work I had done previously was B2C and so it added another layer to my understanding
This week I also sat in the agency Tweet Seat, tweeting articles, observations and ideas on behalf of the agency to our twitter following
...across a range of clients
Thank you for having me RAPP!
..enough about me..
Although I was completely inexperienced I absolutely loved my time in creative!
"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without"
Cecil B. DeMille
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