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Trading Faces Book Report

No description

Maggie Xu

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Trading Faces Book Report

Trading Faces By: Julia DeVillers & Jennifer Roy Characters: Theme/Genre Summary Descriptions cont. Descriptions Emma Mills
Payton Mills
"Ox" Genre: Realistic Fiction

Theme: Twins, Payton and Emma Mills ' school
year isn't going the way they wanted it
to be. When Payton does something
really embarrassing, they decide to
switch places..just once.
They end up switching constantly
and have several close calls to being
discovered. Read the book to see if
they are really discovered!!! Emma Mills: The "older" twin. Smart
and logical..typical "nerd"

Payton Mills: Cares about her looks
and appearances..alot. Desperately
wants to fit in to her new public
school. Jazmine: Emma's friend/enemy.
Pretty much what Emma was at
Emma's old school...the smart one.

Sydney: Popular girl. Makes friends with
Payton on the first day...but will she stay
her friend?

"Ox": A jock that has the looks.
Pretty much every girl wants him...
but he's not an average football player I enjoyed this book very much I couldn't
put it down!. It's sort of thick, but the
print is large and it's an easy read. Thanks for watching!
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