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Burma Genocide

No description

Nicole Barradas

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Burma Genocide

Perpetrators and Victims
Rescuers and Liberators
Bystanders and Resisters
Survivors and Upstanders
People in Burma are dying from their own people
The government is sending police and soldiers to kill innocent people who are doing nothing wrong
The people who are being killed are the Muslim people who live there
The United Nations is completely standing by and watching everything happening in Burma
They are aware of the situation and are not doing anything and are making a small deal of the situation
Some people try to hide and to resist the government and it works for a while but not for long
People who try to defy the government are automatically killed
Since 2004, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has helped to resettle more than 57,000 Burmese refugees from Thailand who belonged to the Karen and Karenni ethnic groups. They were mostly resettled in the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
The displaced Rohingya now live in official and unofficial IDP camps under conditions that the UN’s emergency relief coordinator has called among the worst she has ever seen. Humanitarian aid workers have frequently been prevented from accessing these camps.
Burma genocide survivor Myra Dahgaypaw said that she was very small when these things happened. She was scared all day everyday, not knowing when they would come and destroy her reality again. She never had a real home, and would often flee to the jungle when the army came in and burned down the villages. She learned to cry quietly or not to cry at all because the noise could give away their position.

The United States is an upstander in this. They are concerned about the human rights and what the Burmese military is doing. Because Burma is doing a political reform, they have stopped all the penalties to help them spend more money on stopping these horrible acts against humanity.
Who - The Muslims
What - Genocide
Where - Burma
When - Between 2010 and now
Why - Because the Buddhists do not accept any other religions so they kill their people
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