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unit rates

No description

rg n

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of unit rates

How to solve
Tips/Common mistakes
Story Problems
Never swap the numbers.
Swapping the numbers around.
Dividing wrong.
Unit Rates
The Professional Life of
A 'how to' tutorial
How To Solve Unit Rates
First, you look at what the problem asks you. For example, say the question says, " You run at a rate of 3 miles every 30 minutes. How many minutes does it take you run a mile?" What you would do is divide 30 by 3, because you have to find how many for 1 unit, and that would tell you how many minutes it takes you to run a mile, which in this case would be 10. In unit rates, the key is to narrow down the two units until one unit becomes a 1. It is usually the higher number divided by the lower number. You can rewrite the unit rate as '10 minutes per mile' or as a fraction. ( 10 min. / 1 mile )
Decide whether the rates are equal.
Find the unit rate
Story Problem 2
Mmm kay.
Tips/ Common Mistakes
Always read the problem carefully.
Example 1
Your heart beats 20 times in 4 minutes. How many times does your heart beat each minute?
Example 2
Forgetting to convert when needed.
Example problems
Common Mistakes
Story Problem 1
Unit Rates - By Rosemary Northcote and Christine Li
Formula - x / y = Unit Rate
If you still don't understand unit rates, check out these tutorial videos!
Example 3
Find the unit rate
880 calories in 8 servings
126 points every 3 games
210 points every 5 games
$12.50 for 5 ounces
Lightning strikes Earth 1000 times in 10 seconds. How many times does lightning strike per second?

- a ratio of two quantities using different units.
Unit rate
- It compares a quantity to one unit of another quantity.
Equivalent Rates
- They have the same unit rate.
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