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MUSC Dietetic Internship

No description

Danielle Ballantyne

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of MUSC Dietetic Internship

Fall 2012 Food Service Rotation MUSC Dietetic Internship Danielle Ballantyne, Clark Boutwell, Meghan Marr,
Anna Nygaard-Ghi, Amelia Votapka with Brad Ma$teller Finance Week with John Moffatt Retail Week with Franco Piedade with Brett Cunningham Production Week Pros & Cons IMPROVE Project Sensory Panel & Theme Day Patient Services The Wellness and You (W&Y) symbol is displayed but is not clearly understood by the consumer

Sales are minimal Problem W&Y logo displayed on food labels
Nutrition facts displayed for most items
W&Y plates displayed at cafeteria entrance
Wellness Zone
Facebook & Twitter
Discounted Prices Current Marketing Strategies Financial workbook
Labor optimization
Kitchen layout
Starbucks catering menu Assignments Financial Workbook
Ambiguity and Questions
Unfamiliar Territory
Different Opinions
Labor optimization
Limited knowledge, understanding, and time spent
Kitchen layout for Rutledge Tower
No specific guidelines such as measurements, etc
Many limitations, such as space
Starbucks Catering Menu
What is going to be offered? Challenges Group Collaboration
Plethora of innovative ideas
Which one is best? How to compromise?
Learning about effectiveness & productivity with the labor available
What is best inside the limitations?
Simplification & easy access for Starbucks services
Keeping the patient in mind when working to improve
Great preparation for our RD exam
You can get 25 orders of W&Y Turkey Sliders for $50
"Real World" lessons....... What we got out of it Wellness Presence W&Y icons are small Discounted Prices Too much clutter on signage Not all healthy options are advertised on menu Incorrect Nutrition Information New Wellness Plate Signage New Grill Menus Wellness Zone

Tray Accuracy, Delivery & Pick-Up
Meal Rounds
Costing of Patient Trays
Technical Outage Menus
Employee In-Service Training We learned that there are:

Multiple moving parts which play a role in the AYR program

Your employees are some of your greatest assets Challenges We Observed:

Employees knowledge and subsequent following of Policies and Procedures

Keeping employees engaged and enthused about their job

AYR menu changes

Completion of the many audits, checklists and other reviews which must constantly be updated and reported on Special Thanks to Franco, Martin,
and all their employees for assisting us
during our time in patient services. In-Services Thank You - Audits
Retail Gold Check, Food Safety Audit, Wellness and You Audit
Priced Theme Day Menu
Observed employees hard at work
Cash Reconciliation
Created Bulletin Board Projects Audits
Interrupting the supervisor/employee
Time required
Costed Theme Day menu
Fluctuation of prices on produce and meat products
Determining how to advertise prices to customers
Observed employees hard at work
Cash Reconciliation
Keeping up with the speed of operation
Created Bulletin Board
Deciding on one focus and theme
Implementing the idea using materials available
Keeping it simple Challenges We Observed Everything done has a rhyme and a reason: AUDIT!
Learned about mark up and the “power of the nines”
Understood the challenges employees and customers face daily in the cafeteria
Observed all of the checks and balances that must be followed when working with money
Marketing isn’t as easy as it seems!
Made a difference by “Navigating Nutrition” What we got out of it Other Initiatives Updated the nutritional signage for sushi & salad bar
Adjusted nutritional information based on actual portions served
Synchronized Facebook & Twitter accounts
Wellness combo meals Thank you! What we got out of it W&Y brand requires constant upkeep
Distribution barriers
Difficult to satisfy all dietary needs
Enthusiasm & passion for a healthy lifestyle are key To support our Wellness & You IMPROVE project our goal for Theme Day:
Increase Wellness items at the GRILL
Five Wellness entrees & sides were featured & evaluated
New concept: Wellness combos Sensory Panel 3 Wellness and You combos were sold
Chicken Bruschetta & Grilled Zucchini
Cranberry Turkey Sliders & Sweet Potato Slaw
Pineapple Lime Grilled Chicken & Orange Jicama Slaw
Wellness combo meal implemented
Customers could choose a Wellness entrée, side and bottle of water
All items were a HUGE SUCCESS! Theme Day Projects Technical Outage Menus
Recipe Standardization Choosing a menu:
Sodexo approved recipes
Meeting the majority
Ordering Menu Design for Theme Day Following a Menu Item Through Departments Challenges
Benefits Kitchen Audit Knife Skills Learning to Sauté Projects Learned new kitchen skills that we can pass on to patients
Difficulties that the kitchen staff faces
Process of implementing a new recipe
Seeing how Sodexo operates compared to other companies
Understanding 'behind the scenes' What we got out of it Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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