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Disassembling and Assembling a Computer

Process of dis-assembly and re-assembly of a computer at C.R.

Fabio Molinares

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Disassembling and Assembling a Computer

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr A step by step process
by Group #5 Disassembling and Assembling
the computer There is no reason to be afraid of!! Disassembling the computer is a very interesting process On your desktop, go to "Start," choose the "Shut Down" button and wait until the computer is totally turned off. Before starting, you have to make
sure the PC is turned off Unplug the power cord
from the electrical outlet and the PC FIRST! Unplug every cable connected to the ports
either at the north side or the south side of the PC SECOND! Check and analyze the best way to open the PC's chassis. THIRD! Analyze and memorize the location of each component and connections FOURTH Disconnect and remove the POWER SUPPLY FIFTH! Disconnect all the storage devices (FDD, HDD, Optical Drives) SIXTH! Remove all the storage devices from the CPU's chassis SEVENTH! Disconnect front USB port EIGHT Remove RAM memory NINTH! Remove the Fan TENTH! Remove the Heat Sink ELEVENTH! Disconnect all the remaining cables from the Motherboard TWELFTH! Remove the CPU Processor THIRTEENTH! Remove motherboard from CPU's chassis FOURTEENTH! FIFTEENTH! Detach Motherboard from the Motherboard's chassis and Detach expansion Card from motherboard We will assemble the computer again starting from the Motherboard. And Now: Place RAM memory into
memory slots 6. Install and connect CPU processor fan 7. Connect IDE Cables, USB Cables to motherboard 8. Place all the storage devices (FDD, HDD, Optical Drives) in the computer chassis 9. Connect USB cables to USB front port and IDE cables to storage devices 10. Connect power cables to USB front port and storage devices 11. Connect expansion card to the motherboard's riser 1. Attach the motherboard to motherboard chassis and place them on the computer chassis 2. Check for correct assembly of CPU processor and place it on its slot 3. Place heath sink over the CPU processor 4. Install power Supply on the computer chassis 5. Make sure everything is in place, and connect the power supply to the motherboard. 12. Close the computer chassis 13. Connect the monitor, keyboard, mouse and the power cord to the computer. Plug the cable to the electrical outlet 14. Turn the computer on Observe for the proper booting sequence 15. THANK YOU!
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