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memo snyd

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of spain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spain's capital
Spain's capital is named Madrid.
famous attractions
Spain has many famous attraction we start off with, Aqueduct of Segovia, it was built to carry water from place to another it has 24.000 granite blocks.
Spain's national....
Spain's song
La March real ( the royal march) no lyrics.
National Flower
Spain's flower the red carnation.
Spain's flag
Spain's flag is called
the coat of arms.
Spain's bird
Called the Short Toed Eagle.
National Tree
Spain's national tree is called Madron ( strawberry tree).
National animal
The Bull is Spain's national animal.
Another famous attraction is called Sagrada Familia, it is a large roman catholic church in Barcelona Spain, and it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain. it was made by Antoni Gaudi he died in 1926. Walt Disney got his idea to build the Disney castle from this church.
This is La concha it is in San Sebastian, it is one of the best beaches in Europe Spain. it is surrounded by steep cliffs and islands around it. you can surf, and there's a lot of restaurants around so you can go eat.
Real Palacio ( Royal palace) is located in Madrid Spain, it is the residence were King Carlos the 3rd stayed in 1764. now it is only used for state ceremonies.
Spain's Sports
Spain has many sports there's, Basketball, Bullfighting, horse riding, and soccer.
Bull fighting
Horse riding
Famous people from Spain
Penelope Cruz
Gerard Pique
Elsa Pataky
Abraham Mateo
Movie Actress
Soccer Player
Spain's Map
Spain's History
Spain came part of the Roman Empire in 206 b.c when it was conquered by Scipio Afrikaners. Spain got its name from the ancient Roman. The name is for Iberia.
The climate in Spain
The climate in Spain is mostly Mediterranean, in the summer it is dry and hot, in the winters it is rainy and mild, mountainous and normally gets heavy rainfall.
Spain's government
Spain is Parliamentary Monarchy.
Spain's ruler is king Juan Carlos 1 (1975).
Spain's Prime Minister is Marino Rajoy.
Spain's largest city's
Madrid/ capital
Land Area
192,819 sq mi
Total area: 194,896
Spain is known for.....
GREAT food!
Great sighting!
Vast coast lines!
Spain has been a favorite
destination for people mostly because of there delicious foods.
Famous foods
THE END!!!!!
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