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My Dream Job

No description

Bhavish Ruparelia

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of My Dream Job

Doctor My Journey To Become... GCSE DOCTOR! In my A levels, i would have to get As or A*s in :
Maths I would like to go to UCL. This is because it is on of the leading medical university in Britain, a long with that fact it would allow me to live away from home but still be close enough visit my family whenever I want.
I would like to degree in medicine. University I will most likely start up in a general NHS hospital, training my skills through work and hopefully climbing the ranks from junior doctor to sergeant.

This will most likely take years to accomplish, but every rank I upgrade to, the pay will also suitably improve. In Work Training After my many years in a hospital, I would like to move into either the private sector of medicine, or join a practice, where the pay will be considerably greater then the public sector, and i will use my skills sharpened throughout years fo practice to use. To do this, I will need to get an A* in C and at least one other Science. I will also need most of my Grades to be As and A* My A Levels Thankfully, I tend to prefer these subjects over others. Why I Want To Be A Doctor Doctors are those that help people, and helping people has always
attracted me because of the fact you can help people.

I feel like I would be a very good doctor because have a good knowledge of medical basics and i see myself to be a rapid learner.
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