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Natural Disaster

No description

Anum Chaudhry

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Who?
Why? The people of Sindh, Pakistan

The Sindh 2011 flood

Sindh, Pakistan

Mid August- Present day

Intense monsoon rain caused flood Damages 6.79 million acres land damaged, and 1.52 million homes. Overall at least 434 dead, 8.9 million affected out of the whole population of about 180,000,000 people. The main months it hit was August through September. In August the rain ranged from 61.2 mm (2.1 in.) to 530 mm (21.0 in) In September the rain ranged from 212.2 mm (8.3 in.) to 760 mm (30 in.) To this day people are still recovering from this massive tragedy In the month of July Pakistan received below normal monsoon rains; however in August and September the country received above normal monsoon rains The Sindh flood was the worst flood in Pakistan, especially because most of Pakistan was recovering from other floods that has hit it. For example the 2010 flood took a year for them to recover, only to have another flood. The total financial loss was $5,044,444,444.45
or 454,000,000,000 Rs Most of their loss was in agriculture. Which is what most of Pakistan depens on. The second biggest lost was housing. Many were destroyed It is really hard for everyone to get back on their feet because a lot of them don't have the money to pay for their losses. Survivor Stories Nasrullah Jamali a week after it stops raining."Our homes are gone, everything is gone. The water level is now 6 to 8ft. People can't live there. There's nothing left." Shamsad 48-When the floodwaters struck – without warning – Shamshad and his son were offering Friday prayers then too. When they came out of the mosque there was water already running at their feet. It wasn’t the first flood Shamshad seen. He knew what he had to do. The water started coming around 9 or 10 a.m., just as her family was having breakfast, Siraj explains in her native Pashtun. Before long, it had reached the ceiling, so she ran up to the roof. She stayed there for three days, along with six or seven members of her family, waiting for help. "We cry and laugh both. But we laugh because God saved us from death." SINDH PROVINCE, Pakistan, 20 December 2011 – Nawo squints in the early morning sunlight as her 3-year-old daughter, Sarita, walks barefoot through the dirt. Around them, the land is scarred and piled high with the ruins of their home.“I tried to rescue my four children when the water from heavy rains entered our house,” Nawo recalls The End
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