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Michigan's Adventure

No description

Brentni Cray

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Michigan's Adventure

The park was orignal founded as the Deer Park, a petting zoo, in 1956. In 1968, Roger Jourden purchased the park and began selling off the deer and purchasing attractions, eventually renaming it Deer Park Funland in 1972. The park consisted mainly of carnival midway rides, including a tilt-a-wirl, scrambler, carousel, train, ferris wheel, and kiddie rides. A putt-putt car ride was added shortly thereafter and in 1979, the Corkscrew roller coaster became the main draw of the park. Other Rides and Attractions are the Adventure falls, Airplane, Be-bop Blvd, Boogie Beach, Commotion Ocean, Cyclone Zone, Drummer Boy, Elephants and MORE...... I choosed this Amusement Park because I never been and I want to go it seen fun it got alot of rides thats fun the main thing I want to get on is the Jr, go-cart racing I love go -cart racing. One day im going to Michigan Adventure to have fun. I haven't been to Michigan Adventure But if I go my favorite ride would be the Flying Trapeze and the Jr. Go-carts those would be my favorite rides. There are alot of Michigan Adventures parks but there is one in Muskegon, Michigan, United States there are 53 total roller coasters. THE END
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