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CSAS: College Starts Here!

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Jim Boles

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of CSAS: College Starts Here!

CSAS:College Starts Here!
The Students
Respect for diversity!
What do we do best?
Graduate our students, get them into college and ready them for the world!
Average ACT Composite Scores
Year CSAS State National
2010 22.0 19.6 21.0
2011 22.1 19.5 21.1
2012 21.3 19.7 21.1
2013 21.9 19.5 20.9

All CSAS Juniors take an ACT Prep Course and go on college trips all over the East!
Matriculation Rate
What is that? Students who enroll in college.
* Over the last two years, CSAS post secondary matriculation rate was right at 94%.
* note: Hamilton County's post secondary matriculation rate is right at 65% and the State of TN at 62%
* The typical district distribution of students matriculating to two and four-years schools is 40% and 60% respectively, while the majority of CSAS students enroll in four-year post secondary institutions.
*In 2013 CSAS had 90%- four-year college/university, 7% - two-year college, 3% military/other.
Student Voice !
What Makes You Tick?
CSAS students stay in college more than anyone else!
* The CSAS "Fall to Fall" retention rate is typically around 91% for students enrolled in four-year post secondary schools vs. the district's 86%.
* Likewise, CSAS students enrolled in two-year post secondary schools typically yield a 70% "Fall to Fall" retention rate vs. the district's 60%.
Graduation...from college!
Double your chances!
* The CSAS six-year graduation rate for the 2006 cohort was the highest in the district at 65% with the next closest school being six percentage points and the district right around 50%.
* The CSAS six-year graduation rate for students enrolled in four-year schools is almost twice the district's rate.
Important CSAS Data
TN State Report Card- HS - 3 Year Avg.
EOC/Subject School vs. State Avg. Growth Measure
Algebra I

Above 6.9
Algebra II

Above 16.6

Above 12.2
Eng 9

Above 7.2
Eng 10

Above 8.3
Eng 11

Above 16.4
US History

Above 9.3

Composite PLAN

Above .50

99 to 100 % Graduation rate every year!
National Merit Scholars 1991-2014
* 22 finalists, 33 semi-finalists, 36 commended
*National Achievement Finalists - 7
* Over $6.2 million in scholarships to the Class of 2013
What can you do to be part of all this and get your student on target for college and beyond?
1. Come to CSAS!
2. Start building grit!
3. Read the Forbes article, "7 Crippling Parent Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders" that we have for you.
4. Work with us as a team! We're looking forward to it!
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