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ECU College Research Project

No description

Marissa Korleski

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of ECU College Research Project

ECU Located in Greenville, NC established on March 8, 1907. Colors are royal purple and old gold.
The mascot is PeeDee the pirate. 3rd Largest university in North Carolina.
Public, coeducational, urban area. Largest institution of higher learning in Eastern North Carolina. History When ECU started out, it was a school for just white males studying to me teachers. Changing the college name to ECU in 1951 reflected the population of students. The college ended up changing its name 4 times before staying with ECU. ECU tried to change its name again but they decided to stay with East Carolina Campus! East Carolina is separated into three distinct campuses: Main Campus, Health Sciences Campus, and West Research Campus. It owns two sports complexes: Blount Recreational Sports Complex and North Recreational Complex. Main campus: Also known as the East campus,is about 530 acres in an urban area of dowtown Greenville. There are 158 buildings that cover about 4.6 million square feet and in the main campus is a mall that students go and relax on. Health Sciences Campus: Located beside Pitt county memorial center. Serves as the acidemic medical center for the brody school of medicene 1,300,000 square feet of acedemic research in 62 buildings. West Research Campus: Four buildings, 36,000 square feet is a designated wetlands,and large areas of biology, botany and other sciences field study sites. ECU is home to nine undergraduate colleges, a graduate school, and two professional schools.
The college I wanted to take out of the nine is the college of education which is the oldest and largest college at ECU because it houses and administers all of the education majors and an international open access journal.There are 17 undergraduate degree programs, 22 graduate degree programs, six advanced certifications and the doctor of education program. ECU has 4 libraries! Has pretty basic sports, mostly the same as ours. Barefoot on the Mall is held every spring on the mall, gathering musicians from all genres for an all–day concert and features various games, rides, and food vendors Bibliography
East Carolina University retrived
on November 15, 2010 from
There are study abroad programs... but I'm not interested. The cost for one acedemic year:
Tuition and fees - two semesters $16,871
Housing, Meals, and Incidental Expenses - two semesters
Books, Supplies, and Insurance
TOTAL in U.S. dollars $29,186
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