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Hyoyon Park

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Park-Norah-House

Norah Park
what is house?

House is building for human
habitation. ㅑㄴㅑㅅ ㅔㅐ퍙ㄷㄴ ㄴㅁㄹㄷ ㅔㅣㅁㅊㄷ 새 ㄴㅅ묘 ㅜㅇ 햪ㄷ 채ㅡ랛뮤ㅣㄷ ㅔㅣㅁㅊㄷ
House makes people to take a rest. Also, house is one of the most important thing in our lives.

Primitive men lived in some
caves first. It becomes the
first house for human.
Caves provided place that
protected from wild animal
and weather.
20,000 BC
400~100 BC
100 ~500
Roman Britain rich people started to live in villas with mosaics
500~1200 AD
During the medieval Europe, they used Romanesque Architecture which has thick wall, round arches, sturdy piers, and decorative arcading,etc.
1600~1900 AD
Houses were designed for defense rather than comfort, so brick or stone houses became common to build house. In 15th~18th centuries, there was Age of the dome, so people made this form.
People can live in portable house, and they'll design to nature friendship. Also, people can build under the ground, in the water like ocean, and in the sky,too.
6500 BC
This form had window ,but it didn't
have door in southern turkey.
people started to build with cement, brick, and plaster with tiled roof.
1500~1600 AD

during these years, many people were rich and preferred more comfortable than before. Also, they started to make private room for each members of family.
In 1900, American homes were about 1000 square feet of living space(average). people started to make modern style of house such as apartment. When electric light has become common, many houses are using that.
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