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Real estate cadastre of Macedonia

No description

Slobodan Jovanoski

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Real estate cadastre of Macedonia

Real estate cadastre of R.Macedonia
Faculty of Civil Engineering - Skopje
Properties are pieces of land, buildings, parts of buildings, and other objects, such as real estate that are registered according to law in the real estate cadastre system.
Competences of the Agency of real estate cadastre are :

- forming and managing the Geodetic-cadastre information system
- exerting basic geodetic works
- exerting measurement on properties
- registration the rights of the properties
- establishing and maintaining up to date cadastre of real estate
- geodetic works that are of importance for Macedonia, and are established by the Government of Macedonia
- drawing up state topographic maps
- conducting a register of property units
- establishing, maintaining, and enabling public access to the National infrastructure of property data
- supervising the work of private surveying companies.
Principle of Obligatory Registration
Principle of Constituency of Registration
Principle of Transparency
Principle of Legitimacy of the Registration
Principle of Priority and Clarity
For all of the Geodetic work the Govermment of Macedonia approves strategic plan which is brought by the Agency of Real Estate Cadastre.
Principle of Accuracy and Trust
in the Registered
Principle of independence of the registration
Agency For Real Estate Cadastre, The bodies of local self-government, the City of Skopje, state authorities, legal and other persons who by law entrusted with public powers to the previously which was applied by them to perform the following activities :
Dynamics of establishment of the Real Estate Cadastre
Number of received applications
Upgrade of the e-kat(electronic cadastre) system
Registration of infrastructure in the real estate cadastre
Possibility for registration of mortgage of infrastructure
Accurate information on the location and depth of underground installations
Accurate information for the investors for the nearest underground installations
Thank you for your attention!!
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