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A Child Called It

No description

alexis colvin

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of A Child Called It

A Child Called It
Main Characters
Protagonist: Dave Pelzer

Antagonist: Catherine (mother)
About the book
The average overall rating is 4.5/5, so that should give you a good idea of how people like the book.
Why read this book?
This book inspired people everywhere and aware families that child abuse happens every day.

This book has also many life lessons that you might need to help you face a problem that you might be dealing with. This book could help you or someone you know.
About Dave (Author)
A boy, Dave Pelzer has been abused, very badly. Any child has a chance to get beaten, but nothing like Dave's alcoholic mother has done to him. Also, Dave's mother ended up starving him due to the only food he would be getting were spoiled scraps. No one was their to help him or be their for him.
Dave Pelzer, wrote the book about his life. He is an autobiographer and a motivational speaker. He was born and abused in California. He is also 53 years old. His case of child abuse was the worst ever recorded in California.
Thanks for watching!
We hope you enjoyed our presentation of the book. This book really happened so do not take it as a joke. This really happened and is happening everyday to innocent children. Thank you for watching!
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