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The Writing Process

No description

Katie Logan

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of The Writing Process

Why is the writing process important?
Following the writing process allows a writer to create the best piece of writing to their ability. It allows the writer to keep their work organized and the reader engaged, and also minimizes or eliminates errors in a piece of writing.
What is meant by invention?
Invention is the process by which you prepare to write your paper.

In this step, you will brainstorm ideas that will make up your paper, free-write and then organize what you have come up with.

Before you start to write, consider the following:

What is meant by composing and drafting?
Drafting, the process of preparing a preliminary version of a piece of writing , is part of the composition process, However, that is not the only step in this process.

Composition is the process by which a writer prepares to write and eventually compose their first draft.

During the composition process you will:
conduct research
narrow the topic
develop the thesis
organize ideas
write the first draft
It can be helpful to create a schedule as to how you will complete your writing assignment.
This should include the date to complete the writing assignment, when you should begin and finish your outline, etc.
Revision is the process by which a writer edits a paper until they are satisfied with the end result. The writer will examine the paper closely to check for, and correct errors.

The two main steps of the revision process are:

During your review, you should refocus, re-order, add and delete ideas, words, sentences and maybe even whole paragraphs.

Next, proof-read the piece for spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors.

What are the 3 steps of the writing process?
The Writing Process
What is meant by revising?
What 3 parts does an outline consist of?
Before you hand your paper in you should:
What are the 4 proof-reading strategies?
spell check/grammar check
read your paper aloud
check through the paper backwards
have someone else read your paper
Check to ensure all the necessary info for your teacher is present.
Read your paper aloud one more time to ensure you are satisfied with the end result and check for technical errors.
Ensure that if necessary, all information is properly referenced.
For more in-depth information on the invention process, visit...
More information on the writing process...
Guide to grammar and writing:

Essay and Research Paper Level: contains lots of helpful information on subjects such as writer's block, tone, clustering, the editing process and many more.

This site also contains much more helpful information under the sentence level and paragraph level categories.

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