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Fixtures Day 1: Roman Empire

No description

Patricia Kish

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Fixtures Day 1: Roman Empire

Highlights - Punic Wars
News -Armies & Upper class
Today's match- Fall of Empire
Mvp/Man of the Match- Gracchi
Upcoming Fixtures
Medieval battles
Highlights : Punic Wars
Last week the Punic wars occurred between Rome & rivals Carthage
Three matches took place in various locations including Spain, Africa and France (allies)
The fixtures resulted in three wins for Rome although during the second they had a scare by losing most of the match
Their valuable resources of players (army) regained them the victory
The medals awarded during this sequence of games resulted in dominance and crowned as the champion (Rome ruling Carthage)
Today's Fixture:
Fall of the Roman Empire
Fixtures Day 1: Roman Empire
Mvp + Man of the Match
Ancient Rome
Improvements: Imperial vs Republican Army

Major changes happening behind the scenes for the Republicans and Imperials leading into this match week
The Republicans are thriving with wealth being able to purchase new equipment plus specialized training moving experience into higher positions

The Imperials taken over by Augustus brought new structure to loyal army including different branches such as a lineup (the standing army) and higher pay and first string team (elite military units to respond first)
brought in numerous foreign players causing style of play (Roman tactics and military upbringing) to be lost

Match Fixing: Upper Class
Money owning upper class has suspicions of match fixing due to possession and ownership of teams
Mob influences in ownership of major teams
No solution due to nonexistent jail or justice system, causing more danger to spectators (Roman citizens)
First player (tribune) to win captain status by introducing legal actions and being the first in class which was a break of tradition
Went on to become captain (tribune) for second time
Defeated after by spectators
Modeling Tiberius as unsung hero
lost popularity as well by supporters due to taking away wealth of match fixers
was replaced Marcus whom wooed spectators
Coming off previous victories (Carthage), the now huge team (empire) is plagued by corruption, inner arguments (civil wars) and new league competitors such as the Barbarians
In attempts to gain control Roman team is broken several times into two or three divisions managed by Diocletian and Constantinople
Later on main stadium (City of Rome) is destroyed by the Barbarians leading into loss of match and relegation of team (fall of empire)
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