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Discoveries of Dental Amalgam

No description

Suzie Brawn

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Discoveries of Dental Amalgam

By: Jordan W.
Discoveries of Dental Amalgam
The Dental amalgram was discovered in 1819 by English chemist, Bell. In 1826, it was first used by England and France. In 1830, it was used in the United States.
How was the alloy discovered?
67%-74% silver
25-28% tin
6% copper
2% zinc
3% mercury
Dental amalgam is made of
By a mixture of metals like:
Small amounts on zinc
How was the dental alloy produced?
It cost between $60 and $150, depending how much you get for your teeth.
How much does it cost ??
What are the Chemical Properties?
The chemical properties are:
Silver 40-60%
Tin 27-30%
Copper 13-30%
Zinc 1%
What are the physical properties?
The Physical property of the dental amalgam includes metal pins.
What is the alloy used for?
Well, dentist use the dental amalgam for fillings into teeth that have cavities. Its strong so its able to absorb anything that goes against it
For 150 years, its one of the most durable, cheapest material to fill in a cavity.
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