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George Washington

No description

Kinley Kolbet

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of George Washington

George Washington
February, 22 1732
George Washington served 8 years in office.
His most important legacy may be that he insisted he was dispensable, asserting that the cause of liberty was larger than any single individual.
Birth date and State
Family background
Martha Washington- wife
Patsy- step-daughter
John- step-son
Childhood experiences
His mother was overly protective, so childhood was stressed. He never got to play by the river. His father died and left the family 10,000 acres of land and 50 slaves when George was 11. After that he went to live with his older half brother, Lawerence.
George was educated at, Apple by school in England
He did not go to college, but he did receive his surveyors certificate from the college of William and Mary in Virginia
Career prior to presidency
He was a surveyor, a planter, a general of the Army of the United Colonies.
Political Party
Length of term
8 years
Vice president
John Adams
Major accomplishments
He became the first presidents of U.S.
Signed the Naval Act in 1794 establishing the U.S. Nation
He signed the Jay Treaty in 1794, pronouncing the beginning of a decade of peace with Britain
Life after presidency
He fixed his house
Freed his personal slave, William
Became a planter, lieutenant- general is all the U.S. armies
Date and state of death
Dec. 14, 1799

Mount Vernon, Virgina
In our opinion George Washington was a good president
He was a good president, because he signed a lot of papers to help out the U.S.
Major events that took place while in office
The ratification of the Bill of Rights (rights to bear arms, free speech, protection against illegal searches)
Joined the states together and helped form the federal government
In America's view George Washington was a "good" president
He was a good president, because of his understanding of what needed to be done.
Martial Status
George Washington was married to Martha Washington while in office.
Years in office
Fun Facts
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