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My Autobiography

No description

amesha charles

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of My Autobiography

My Journey Through Life <3
Moved to Colorado
Moved to Colorado in 2009 .
Stayed with my step dad for 1 1/2 years .
Then i moved to Montbello .
Then i went to Oakland Elementary School for 1st and 2nd grade .
Then moved to another part in Montbello .
Then went to Jessie Whaley Maxwell Elementary School for 3rd grade .
Then moved to Green Valley Ranch .
Then attended FPWaller .
Things I LOVE To Do
Play basketball .
Take pictures .
I like to shop .
Also I lOVE to go swimming .
Things I HATE
School Work .
Fake people .
Also i HATE the most is not having internet .
All About ME
I`m 5 foot 6 .
I <3 to hoop .
I live in a house of 4 girls and 1 brother .
I am 12 years of age .
My Autobiography
I was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on October 7
I'm 75 % African American and 25 % mexican .
When i was about four when I started school , Parks Elementary School .
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