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Pachacuti, Inca Empire Builder

No description

Tommy Reeves

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Pachacuti, Inca Empire Builder

Pachacuti, Inca Empire Builder All of these events and facts play a role as to why Pachacuti is now known as the Greatest Incan ruler, and why people can say that his life time was the Incas golden age. Conclusion Pachacuti's Creative
Side The famous Pachacuti did more than just destroy empires. He also did productive jobs. He made sure that the roads were kept in excellent condition, so that the chasquis could deliver their messages more efficiently. Instead of always going to war he gave opposing empires a chance to peacefully join the Incas. He spent time to make sure his demands and conditions for joining the Incas peacefully or through war fair. This was important, so their weren't any up risings with captured or joined people. Before Pachacuti Before Pachacuti came to power his name was Yupanqui. He was never actually supposed to come to power. His father was the eighth Sapa Inca. His older brother was supposed to be his successor, but after he and his father fled the site of a Chanca invasion. Yupanqui rallied the armies defeated the Chanca so badly that the earth itself supposedly fought the Chanca along side Yupanqui. This feat impressed his father so much that until he died in 1438 he made Yupanqui his successor. This is when Yupanqui changed his name to Pachacuti, which means the destroyer. Pachacuti's Dark Side By Tommy Reeves Zac MacDonald Pachacuti was known for increasing the size of Cuzco. He more than doubled the size of Cuzco in only 20 years. Most of this was through warfare, because the Inca had a strong and powerful army. T R Pachacuti The Destroyer After Pachacuti Pachacuti The Builder Pachacuti is considered something of a national hero in modern Peru. During the 2000 presidential elections, the mestizo Indian population gave candidate Alejandro Toledo the nickname Pachac. Pachacuti did not improve the system of succession. His son became the next Inca without any known dispute after Pachacuti died in 1471 due to a illness, but in future generations, the next Inca had to gain control of the empire by winning enough support from the apos, priesthood, and military to win a civil war or intimidate anyone else from trying to gain control the empire. Machu Picchu 1463 C.E. Machu Picchu is located 7,970 ft above sea level and is located on an Andes mountain ridge. Most archeologists think that Machu Picchu was constructed as a manor for the Incan Emperor Pachacuti. Constructed in the 1400s when the Incan empire was becoming amazing this great city was abandoned less than 100 years from its construction. It was abandoned as a result of the spanish conquest. Most of the Incan population died from smallpox and other diseases from the spanish invaders, because their bodies weren't immune to foreign diseases. The spanish had never known of this fantastic city, therefore it remains in great condition. If the Spanish would have got to it, it would have been destroyed like most of the Inca constructions in the Cuzco area. 1438 C.E. 25 years
later The highland city of Machu Picchu is over 7500 feet above see level T R and Shane Clifton
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