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No description

Blake Hately

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of texting

Is texting affecting ur Language? I think its not affecting anyone. But is it really affecting anyone? texting is becoming the new short-cut of writting words properly.
texting is becoming really popular
and its invading our lives!
Can you even walk down the street with out seeing someone zoned into their phone? Scientists say the system, pressing one key per letter before the phone works out what word the user wants to type, trains young people to be fast but inaccurate.
Texting can lead to embarrassing mistakes because some words use the same keys. For example, telling them about being stuck in a Steve (queue).

'The use of mobile phones is changing the way children learn and pushing them to become more impulsive in the way they behave.'

They found that the use of so-called "textisms" could be having a positive impact on reading development. Educators see little evidence that the language of texting is having a negative impact on students schoolwork. In fact, some are even glad that students are communicating so frequently through writing and are creating their own language
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