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Oak Grove High School Cafeteria Restaurants

Deciding what restaurants will be in the new student center

James Cheap

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Oak Grove High School Cafeteria Restaurants

Introduces Your New The Student Body Government We had to address many different contingency groups. Including:
The School to work Program
Gourmet Club
Low income Families
Stravinsky Family
And most importantly the Students we represent Student Center Within the one week deadline, the Oak Grove City High School student council must choose five restaurants that will have a balance between profit and student needs. Both factors must be greatly considered. Wildcat's Den Borsch Palace In order to meet the needs of the PTA and the Stravinsky family who has done so much for our school and plans to continue that generosity.
The monetary gain of an additional restaurant is outweighed by the possibility of a donation for a pool and tennis court. Home-Ec Kitchen To meet the needs of low income students (25% of students) while both earning money for the student council and Home Economics. 100% of money goes to the school in some way. Profit:
Daily= $4.37
Weekly= $21.85
Yearly= $787.32
4 Years= $3149.28 Price: $1 Our primary goal as Student Council is to meet the needs of the students by providing food they enjoy and making money to have events they want. Hunan Wok is very popular among students.
Demand: We figure over 500 students enjoy Hunan Wok
Price: $1.50
Daily= $49
Weekly= $245
Yearly= $8820
4 Years= $35280 This restaurant greatly helps the students we represent (25% of students are in the School to work program) for it gives must needed job training. Also it provides healthy options that the PTA can be supportive of, a win-win of a restaurant. Price: $2.00 Profit:
Daily= $2.88
Weekly= $14.40
Yearly= $518.40
4 Years= $2073.60 Again, profit and student wants are truly our focus and Taco Villa provides both. We estimate that over 300 students enjoy Taco Villa. Price: $1.50 Profit:
Daily= $27
Weekly= $135
Yearly= $4860
4 Years= $19440 Demand: 50+ students Demand: 50+ Students Demand: 5+ students
Price: $1.00 (low income
students will be able to afford it)
Profit: $0.00
No profit but possible Pool and tennis courts along with Student Center costs an estimated $640,000.00+ How cool would that be! Borsch Palace Conclusion Profit of all restaurants combined:
Daily= $83.25
Weekly= $416.25
Yearly= $14,985.00
4 Years= $59,940.00 We appreciate your consideration for our Plan. Our goal is to meet the needs of our students primarily and then other contingencies. We believe that there is a restaurant for everyone's needs. The nearly $60,000.00 over 4 years will go a long way for the students. Problem Statement James Stephan Mario Johnny Hector
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