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Bullying again

No description

Shanice Freeman

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Bullying again

Bullying Laws Background What is bullying? Should the state or federal government put laws into place to prevent bullying? Bullying:
hurting someone (physically, emotionally, sexually, psychologically) on purpose. By: Shanice Freeman What effect does bullying have on people? Victims:
Suicidal thoughts
Lack of sleep
Low self esteem
General tension Bullies:
- Satisfaction
- Release of mental illness What are people saying about bullying? “What can you do? Bullying has been going on forever. Kids are mean.” What should be said: What should not be said: "We need to do find a reasonable way to reduce bullying. (To a victim) "How can I help?" “She just made a bad joke.” "We should not ignore this phenomenon." “He didn't mean to hurt anyone.” The worse yet: “Bullying is part of growing up. Everyone experiences it and grows stronger because of it.” The best yet: "People need to realize bullying might not make some people stronger. There has been many suicidal incidents from preteens and teens due to bullying." Student Survey:
Should bullying be illegal or legal? Why do people think bullying should be legal? Too harsh to punish someone for bullying
Part of growing up
"Simple" words do not hurt What is your stance, Shanice? Bullying SHOULD be illegal
The federal/state government should decide on bullying laws
Bullying is harsh
Causes hurt towards another
Causes suicide Let's Clear Things Up There is a difference between playful teasing vs. Taunting/Bullying.

Playfully teasing someone should not be illegal. http://www.adl.org/education/Letter-adl-bullying-remarks.asp

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