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Entrepreneur Interview

No description

Nick Ciesielski

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Entrepreneur Interview

How were you educated?
Wayne County CC and Oakland U
Entrepreneur Interview
By; Nick Ciesielski

What were some of your early work experiences?
Small jobs throughout high school and college
Sales associate Johnson & JOhnson Medical
Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?
Expanding + Growing profession
How did you first get the idea to start this business?
Seeing patients in need (post-op) at Garden city hospital
Please describe your business and its products and/or services.
State of the art equipment
Top physical therapists in the area
Entrepreneur Information
Jeff Ciesielski
Co founder and Owner
Summit Physical Therapy
Sterling Heights, MI.
What was involved in setting up your business?
Secure a location
Hire physcial therapists
What have been the high points of your venture so far?
Just getting the business up and running
What have been the low points of your venture, so far?
How long it took the company to get off the ground
What employee issues have you had?
No employee issues thus far
What plans do you have for expansion of your business?
Continue building up current location
Solid reputation = expansion
How do you market and or/promote your business?
Connections at Garden City Hospital
What advice would you give to someone planning to go into business for him/herself?
Focus on connection
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