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Text Structure: 8th grade Jane Long

No description

Amy Rogers

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Text Structure: 8th grade Jane Long

Text Structures Cause and Effect Sequence/Order Compare/Contrast Problem/Solution Description A topic, idea, person, place, or thing is described by listing its features, characteristics, or examples. for instance
such as…
to begin with
an example
to illustrate
characteristics include... Signal Words Example Goose bumps make me shiver. I get little bumps on my skin. They look like sesame seeds. Description What specific topic, person, idea, or thing is being described?

How is it being described (what does it look like, how does it work, what does it do, etc)?

What is important to remember about it? Guiding Questions The sun is hot and, as a result, our ice cream is melting. Example: CAUSE is a reason why something happens.
EFFECT is what happens as a result. Because lightning hit the tree, the branch broke. The show was canceled, so we went home. Sometimes certain words are good clues that help you recognize a cause and effect relationship. Because since resulting from therefore so leading to due to First the lightning struck a tree, so a branch fell on our house. As a result, the roof of our house caved in. What is most likely the EFFECT? He touched the hot stove and, as a result he________ A. burned his hand
B. did not cook dinner
C. turned the stove off
D. turned the stove on Record your answer to #2 on your worksheet What is the most likely EFFECT? Due to the hurricane, ____________ A. we ate dinner.
B. we played in the playground.
C.we could not play outside.
D. we went to the beach. Record your answer to #3 on your worksheet. What is the most likely EFFECT? Record your answer to #4 on your worksheet. Jim failed his math test because he did not _________ A. listen to his mom.
B. study after the test.
C. study before the test.
D. answered all the questions. Record your answer to #1 on your worksheet Imagine any story that you have read. First there was a beginning...
then some events happened in the middle...
and finally there was an ending. Events happen over time. To identify the order in which events happen, look for key words such as: First
Now Last
Then Record the answer to #5 on your worksheet The first thing I do after I get home from school is eat a snack. Next, I start my homework. If I finish my homework before suppertime, then I play outside. Which statement describes the correct order of events? Record the answer to #6 on your worksheet A. I eat a snack before I do my homework.
B. I play outside before I do my homework.
C. I eat supper before I eat a snack. Daniel and I like to play board games. First we choose a game. Next, we set it up. Then we play. We have a snack after we clean up. Finally, before we go to bed, we decide what game we will play tomorrow. Which two words give you a clue about the order of the events in this paragraph? A. after and before
B. choose and then
C. first and play Record your answer to #7 on your worksheet Comparisons show how things are similar.
Contrasts show how things are different. Authors use key words and phrases to indicate comparisons and contrasts. Clue Words and Phrases Comparison

Just as much as
Equal Contrast

More than
On the other hand Record your answers to #8 and #9 on your worksheet Graphic Organizers are frequently used to help compare and contrast. Record your answer to #10 on your worksheet. Dillon and Trey were hiking to the top of a mountain. Dillon decided to take a, what he hoped would be, a shortcut. Trey stayed on the trail. When Dillon arrived at the top, he found that Trey had already eaten his lunch. Trey said it was time to go back down. Dillon didn't have time to eat lunch. A. Both boys stayed on the same trail to the top.
B. Both boys got to eat their lunches at the top.
C. Both boys reached the top of the mountain. Record your answer to #11 on your worksheet How are Dillon and Trey SIMILAR? The writer presents a problem then expounds upon possible solutions for that problem. Questions to Consider:
What is the problem?
What are the possible solutions?
Which solution is best?
How will you implement this solution? A problem can be a question that needs an answer. Sharon needs to know what day her teachers is giving the big math test. To find out, she calls her classmate. Problem Solution A problem can be a situation in a story where characters need help. A problem can be a conflict between characters. Pretend that you are writing a story about the following problem: Tracy and Kristin both wanted to watch television, but each of them wanted to see a different show. Which statement describes a possible solution you could use in your story? A. Tracy wants to watch a cowboy movie, but Kristin wants to watch cartoons.
B. Kristin told Tracy that she wanted to watch her favorite show.
C. Tracy and Kristin decided to take turns choosing a program each night. Record your answer to # 13 on your worksheet Record your answer to #15 on your worksheet Make sure that all the questions on your worksheet are complete! Record your answer to #12 on your worksheet Record your answer to #14 on your worksheet
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