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Nuclear Pest Control

No description

Liza Lotfali

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Pest Control

Nuclear Pest

How does it work?
Nuclear pest control exposes precise doses of gamma radiation to male insects. This induces sterility but doesn’t affect the insects ability to fly, compete in the food chain or mate.
Is it safe?
All the research and evidence that have currently been discovered seems to show that the SIT is not dangerous, but there are people who question the fact that humans are influencing the natural food chain.
Is it viable compared to other methods of pest eradication?
Unlike some other biologically-based methods of pest eradication, it is species specific and does not release exotic agents into the environments. It does not even introduce new genetic material into existing populations.
Are there condition where nuclear pest control would or would not be preferred?
It would not be ideal to use these techniques on pests that are directly involved in other parts of the food chain, and whose eradication would be detrimental to the growth of other organisms.
Who has access to this form of nuclear pest control?
Only scientists and farmers have access to this form of pest control, and its not used as an everyday pest control.

It is cost effective as you only have to use it once, and safer for the food. Less added hormones and pesticides are put onto the food crops. This also allows for more food to be grown, and promotes environmentally friendly pest management. There is always the risk of killing an entire species, and not being able to go back.
Costs, Benefits and Risks
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