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Chapter 9: Spatial Inequality in Mexico City

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Bryan Poepperling

on 27 November 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 9: Spatial Inequality in Mexico City

Unit 3:Latin America

Chapter 9: Spatial Inequality in Mexico City

Mr. Poepperling
Standards and Objectives
1. Explain what spatial inequality is

2. Explain why spatial inequality exists in urban areas

3. Analyze the standard of living in Mexico City
and make a conclusion on that level in the city

SS.912 G2.1 SS.912 G6.5 SS.912 W3.18
Ticket out of the Door
1. Why does spatial inequality exist in urban areas?

2. How are urbanization and rural decline affecting Mexico City?

3. Describe the life of a "have" and a "have not" in Mexico City.
South America
Standards of Living:
Tenochtitlan and Mexico City
What is Tenochtitlan?

Mexico City
What are two causes
of this city's growth?
Rural Decline and Urban
Migration in Mexico City
Urbanization Creates New Problems
"Haves and "Have-Nots"
in Mexico City
Mexican farmers
- Life is tough for most
- Only about 15% of the land is
suitable for farming in Mexico,
the rest is too rocky, dry, or
- Rural migration is a key factor in Mexico City's growth
- It is also the main cause of many problems in Mexico City, such as:
- Pollution
- Smog and poor air quality
- Shortage of clean water
- Packed roads and subways
- Have-Nots
- poorest people who live in the slums (one-room houses made of cardboard and other materials) or tenements (run-down apartment buildings)

- Haves

- Mexico City's middle and upper class
- Live on large castle-like estates with high walls and security systems
Ticket out of the Door
Ch. 9 L1
1. What does it mean to have a high standard
of living?

2. Why do Mexican farmers migrate to
Mexico city for jobs?

3. What could cause rural decline in the country-side?
- The people who lived in the
city enjoyed a high standard of living
- Today Mexico City remains the
center of Mexican life, but it's
growth is causing problems
-What do these farmers face and what do they do about it?
- They face poverty and unemployment in rural Mexico, so they migrate to the city in search of jobs
- They hope to find a higher standard of living
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