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I Heart You, You Haunt Me

No description

Abby Zeeh

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of I Heart You, You Haunt Me

The theme is that even though you have problems in your life, you need to overcome them and move forward, no matter how big your problem is. It also teaches you to stray from the crowd and not go along with what everyone else says
Point of View
The point of view is 1st person because the main character, Ava, tells the story. Ava tells this story very descriptively. It is stuff that someone would think, not say directly out loud
The Plot
Ava: Person who tells the story. Her boyfriend Jackson dies
Jackson: Ava's Boyfriend that died
Murphy: Weird kid that everyone at school picks on.

Ava changes because when she thinks her world is falling apart, she figures out a way to make things better. I thought she was going to be depressed all of her life.

Jackson dies and becomes violent and angry

Murphy does really change because they don't tell much about him

Mood and Tone
I think the author 's tone is sadness and overcoming difficulty that results in happiness

This book made me said at first but it is a lot happier at the end. I really like this book and it made me have conflicting emotions
When Ava loses her boyfriend Jackson in a tragic accident, she is lost and doesn't know why he had to die so young. Jackson and Ava were not only a couple, but they were best friends. Ava soon sees that Jackson has left, but he is still there, in her heart, and in a ghost form. What will happen with them? Read and find out!
I Heart You, You Haunt Me
By: Lisa Schroeder

Romance, Drama, Realistic Fiction
Simile and Metaphor
Simile: "It's like I was the salad with the light vinaigrette, and Jackson was the seafood Cajun Pasta". Page 16
Metaphor: " As we watched the balloon float up up up, I heard Jackson whisper into my ear saying 'Ava, you are my helium'. "
Jackson dies
Ava begins to hear him
Jackson gets violent and angry
Ava meets Murphy
Ava has to make an extremely difficult choice
So, this book is basically about a
girl who loses her boyfriend and learns how to see the world without him there. I really like this book and it is probably a girl book because it is all romance and stuff. This book is the 1st book in a trilogy but they don't really need to be read in order. Ava finally finds someone who she likes as much as Jackson and she has to choose between them
Personal Connection
I really don't have a connection with
this book. I like that it is romance
and a ghost story so that is why I like this book
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
I like this book because it is funny, sad, and happy
I think that this book is cool because it is written in a very interesting way. This book was fast and easy to read. I would surely recommend this book!
Author: Lisa Schroeder
The End!
I hope you enjoyed my presentation!
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