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What is Prezi?

No description

Angelo Payte

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of What is Prezi?

What is Prezi?
Why was Prezi made?
Prezi was made by the support of Kitchen Budapest and Magyar Telekom in 2008
Prezi was created to replace ordinary slide presentations
It was released in 2009
You could use Prezi for projects instead of Power Point
You can use Prezi when you want to create something more colorful than Power Point
You can use Prezi when you get lazy and only want to use one slide with many shapes of any size
Why will people use Prezi?
People will use Prezi because it is more fun too use
Prezi has better backgrounds than Power Point
Prezi is free so more people might get it
Prezi is only one slide which makes it easier
Prezi Features
How is Prezi going to be used?
A feature is that you can zoom in or make something bigger
You can make a one layer presentation
Prezi can let you see or edit someone else Prezi with their permission
You can share and present you Prezi online
You can make a frame in the shape of a circle, square, invisible square, or a bracket
You only use one slide with many templates
You can animate slides so they flash in
Prezi is a presentation site
Prezi has many features Power Point has, for example they both use slides
Which one is better Prezi or Power Point
Power Point has been out longer
Everyone is more comfortable with Power Point
Prezi is easier to use
Power Point doesn't have the zoom in feature
You can share your Prezi with friends or let them help you
Prezi is free while you have to buy Power Point
What you can do on Prezi
You can import pictures or videos
You can work with friends and help them
You could present your Prezi online
You can put different colors for your words to make it colorful
You can turn it into a movie
How to make an account for Prezi
Step 1- go on Prezi.com
Step 2- click on sign up
Step 3- click on what type of Prezi you want
Step 4- fill out all the information
Step 5- agree to the terms
Step 6- click sign up and now you have your account
hey andrew
andrew you like his 8=D
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