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YOUZEEK for Artists

No description

Kieran Conlon

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of YOUZEEK for Artists

YOUZEEK.com - Music For Everybody
Created in 2011 by 3 music lovers

The largest free music catalog available on the web
Streams on web and multipe mobile platforms
Integrates Youtube, SoundCloud, ExFM, DropBox, Skydrive, Google Drive, LastFM, MusicBrainz and more to come
No cost, time or location based limitations
Appeals to the 98% of internet users who won't pay for music
Completely legal and API compliant
Being on YOUZEEK
Expand your audience
Effortless and FREE
Platform to sell merchandise, tickets and music
Available on computers, iOS & Android
Targeted promotion of artists & events anywhere in the world
Artist Auction - affordable and value-for-money promotion
Open to Artist community to inform our agenda
Remember ...
You want to build your fanbase
YOUZEEK is a "pull vector"...helps you grow your fanbase both actively (promotion) and passively (discovery)
An App ("push vector") is not enough
30 million Songs available
1 million Artists to browse
218 Countries served
500K Visitors/month
5 million Songs streamed each month
Profitable and cash generative
Not competing with Spotify/Deezer
Not just a YouTube skin
Not like iTunes or Pandora
Not limited to video files
Not at expense of Artists
Not finished (& never will be!)
Lot's More Coming!
More DataSources: DailyMotion, Vimeo, Jamendo, Vkontakt, YouKu...
More features: MusicRooms™ V3, music & tickets sales, Artist Auction, DJ Mode...
Native Apps for iOs, Android & Windows market (phone, tablet, desktop)
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