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No description

Benina Martens

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of YAKUZA

Symbiosis between the YAKUZA, the People
and the State?!
Robin Hood Image
wrong heritage
Machi-Yakko (Servants of the people) and other Samurai
followed the Bushido
Robin Hood Image
Women's Role
marginalized & little influence
servants or prostitutes
-> Shoko Tendo
"Mafia Structure"
Impact on Society
Origin & Development
"Kabuki-mono" in the 16th century
samurai and soldiers
causing trouble
gang loyalty
organized shogunate government -> police force "machi-yakko"
Structure &Ideology
Impact on Society
Facts and Events
Total Institution ?!
Task -> "Rise and Fall"
Modern Yakuza
17th century
8-9-3 => Ya-Ku-Za
organized underworld
gambling, black market, loan sharking, blackmailing etc.
Traditions and Values


Main Values
"Sakazuki-Goto" -> Oyabun-Kobun blood band
"Irelumi" -> strenght and fortitude
"Began Yubitsume" -> finger cutting
The YAKUZA - a Total Institution ?!
21 syndicates and a membership between 50.000 and 180.000
Yamaguchi-gumi: 21.000 members
Sumiyoshi-kai: 6.100 members
Inagawa-kai: 4.800 members
politic -> connections and relatives

population -> Yakuza business (protection money, immobile's), Machi-Yakko

media -> mangas, newspaper, movies, style etc.
Events and facts
Eisenhowers vist
17. January 1995 Kobe earthquake
Tsunami & Fukushima in 2011
Yakuza Syndicates
"Every part of life is conducted with a group of others in the same place and under the same authority, all directed by a very specific schedule -> Attain the goals of institution"

"Members must follow the rules laid out by those in power."

"These activities are all designed to attain the goals of the institution."


“With nothing but my courage / and this body / I’ll trust myself to the life of a yakuza / and follow this path I’ve decided on / in Nagoya / The Yamaguchi-gumi emblem is our life / dedicated to chivalry / that’s the spirit of a man”
created own website -> " no drugs", loyalty and respect
passing flyers
better their image
Yakuza Strategies
Political Strategies
Obama declared them as a transnational, crime organization
Anti-Yakuza law
oyabun-kobun relationship !
" The Yakuza will all-time survive!"

Give arguments for the truth or falsehood of this statement.

Think about strategies of the yakuza and develop a "survival-concept" for the coming years!
Think about strategies of the government and a safe plan for getting rid of the yakuza!
part time symbiosis
big historical events
crisis and catastrophes
Book: Shoko Tendo "Ich, die Tochter eines Yakuza"

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