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An overview of the rural area sidewalks, MPO sidewalks and what can be done with the sidewalk inventory Region 2000 has created

Cayce Dagenhart

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Sidewalks

Bedford City Sidewalks Rural Area Sidewalks Town of Altavista Sidewalks Town of Brookneal Sidewalks
Town of Pamplin City Sidewalks Madison Heights Sidewalks Town of Appomattox Sidewalks Town of Rustburg Sidewalks
Region 2000 Sidewalk Descriptive Safe Routes to School Accident Location Evaluation: Combine pedestrian accident location information from the City’s e-911 center and the sidewalk inventory. This could help evaluate the appropriateness of the pedestrian facilities at any accident location. This inventory would be useful for the creation of a safe routes to school plan because it locates potential problem areas the evaluators know to pay special attention to. Development and Redevelopment Plans Development and Redevelopment Plans: identified and documented areas where sidewalk connections need to be made. Developers may be more comfortable with creating pedestrian connections if they know ahead of time exactly where the City wants connections made. Pedestrian Facilities Vs. AADT Pedestrian Facilities vs. AADT: Combine Average Annual Daily Traffic with crosswalks and sidewalks to get an idea of where traffic volume may call for pedestrian facilities. Density and Pedestrian Facilities Accident Location Evaluations
Disadvantaged Populations and Pedestrian Facilities: Census block information can be combined with the sidewalk inventory to show how the disadvantaged population is being served by the pedestrian system. Density and Pedestrian Facilities: Combine zoning with disconnected sidewalks which would associate density with potential sidewalk deficiencies. Disadvantaged Populations and Pedestrian Facilities
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