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Soundtrack of My Life: Alexis Nall

No description

Alexis Nall

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Soundtrack of My Life: Alexis Nall

Soundtrack of My Life: Alexis Nall
We Ready (No. 2): Archie Eversole
This song just makes me instantly think of my brother, Seth. The whole time he was in college, this was his "theme song". Before every game, this was the song he always had to listen to. He even had a video highlighting his football years, and the first song to come on was "We Ready (No. 2)".
Through the Years: Kenny Rogers
Words cannot describe how thankful I am for my grandparents. They have always been there for me, and I do not believe I could ever tell them how thankful I am. They have supported me through whatever I do, and I always know where I can find them if I need anything.
Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke
"Blurred Lines" represents my mom because the first time she heard it, she couldn't stop dancing. This summer if she was ever mad about anything, I could play this song and she would instantly forget why she was upset in the first place.
Celebration: Kool and the Gang
This song explains my dad perfectly. He's always about having fun and spending time with family. He always talks about living in today and tomorrow; never dwelling on what's already happened.
G.N.O. (GIrls Night Out): Miley Cyrus
This is the not the only song that represents my friends. We always know how to have fun when we all get together. If someone has been having a rough day, we can instantly make one another laugh. It is just a great time when I get to hang out with them.
All I Do is WIn: DJ Khaled
Outside Looking In: Jordan Pruitt
Pump It: Black Eyed Peas
This is one of those songs that no matter what, you get pumped up. Before every game, I make a little time to listen to it. It just gets me in the mood to do well before every sporting event.
Everyone knows this song. After every victory, this is the first song that comes to mind. You get to the locker room, and someone just starts scream-singing the chorus. That is when the win sinks in.
I chose this song to represent my younger self because I felt it fit my situation. I was the outsider. I was not the outgoing kid that everyone loved talking to. I went home after practice everyday and played by myself. No kids ever came over, I was never invited to parties. It was just my parents, my dogs, and me. Looking back, I think that has affected my social skills with people today, but I try to improve on it the best I can.
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