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The blood bags problem

No description

nada tarek

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of The blood bags problem

Thank You!
The problem :
Deficit of blood bags in public hospitals

causes :
- Large distance between blood banks
- Lack of donors .. rarity of some blood types .. exploitation of the patients' relatives
- work in blood centers continues for only 6 hours
- public hospitals' privitalisation
- regulatory rules
- Mis distribution of blood bags
- There's not a secure organization for saving blood
- lack of donation's culture
- lack of labors in blood banks
- disregarding the problem by the responsables.
Parties :
- the patient , the donor
- the governance
- NGOs
How important ?
Effects :
- patients' death
- Black market
- lack of providing blood bags for the poor
- price chaging

The blood bags' problem
The Health
Solutions ?
The problem :
Deficit of blood bags in public hospitals
Option 1 : Creating a database
+ : Specifying " Danger time "
Clear system
Knowing blood bags' Quantity especially rare types
limiting errors , corruption , low costs
Creating a database for donors
- : Errors while inserting data
possibility of hacking , internet's disconnection

Option two : awareness campaigns , motivating system
+ : Reducing the deficit
Consuming rationalize
Early discovering for diseases
- : Lack of training
High costs
Takes long time to plan
Low participation

Option 3 : Modifying & legalizing
+ : Increasing Donation percentage
Increasing workers' efficiency
Simplifying blood bags' exchange
- : Lack of application
Cultural & political

Chosen option :
Option 1
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