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Both/And or When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

Presentation for Tech Day at City Tech 3/18/15

George Otte

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Both/And or When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

One problem: new modes don't "fix" things
Not just the Printing Press
Sidesteps to Progress
The Wireless Telegraph
Zittrain’s 5 Aspects of Generativity
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Everett Rogers and
Diffusion of Innovations
When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

Attributes of Adoption for Teaching Innovation

more work
moving from the comfort zone
more complex
idiosyncratic, not shareable, scalable
What will draw old faculty to new modes?
Not So Fast
inveighing against
the technology of
So technology does not carve out a space; we do the carving
not displacement but symbiosis (TV/cinema)
not a selection but a multiplication of options (communication)
not a dispersion but a convergence -- on the user
"Game Changers"
but also the rise of
the reading public
the bourgeoisie
the managerial class
The Tone Telegraph
The Phone Recorder
Part of the point then: It's not just technological change but systems change across multiple systems (economic, educational, cultural)
Change is not to be confused with (linear, wholly positive) progress. Instead, we engage in a calculus of gain and loss, of missed understandings and slowly revised behaviors.
It started as a message service, allowing operators to inform all their own customers about such things as problems with the network. When we created SMS it was not really meant to communicate from consumer to consumer and certainly not meant to become the main channel which the younger generation would use to communicate with each other.
--Cor Stutterheim, inventor of SMS
Still, choices will be made in the long term, especially for things that resist that principle of convergence. Witness the fate of print journalism, video (book & record) stores, the encyclopedia business. How do you take the long view and make the right bets?

Rate of Adoption affected by
relative advantage
leverage (making it easy to do more)
adaptability (making it easy to change)
ease of mastery (making it easy to adopt)
accessibility (making it easy to gain entry)
transferability (making it easy to share)
Not hype. Not talk about
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