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newtons three laws in TRACK AND FIELD

how newtons three laws apply to trck and field

gibson gallant

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of newtons three laws in TRACK AND FIELD

Issac Newtons three laws of motion in track and field by Gibson Gallant Newton's First Law of Motion newtons first law of motion is when a object is moving or at rest it will stay moving or at rest until a force (gravity) acts upon it javelin throw is example of this as it tthrown in the air it stays till gravity brings it to the ground and shoves it in to the ground. Newton's third law uses the equation f=ma again so if 2 people were 50 lb and ran at the same speed they would stop each other but if 1 guy weighed 100 pounds and ran at the the same speed as the other guy he would plow him to the ground. also ground pushes back with equal force that allows them to run at the same speed hurdling
as the runners run down the track they push against the ground which gives them speed but they also need to jump over hurdles when the jump they apply enough force to the ground for themselves to get into the air and jump over (or knock down) the hurdle.
Newton's second law is f=ma where force equals mass times acceleration and can give lift since the ground and walls push back with equal force long jump
long jump uses f=ma when the person running is acceleration and when the jump combined with their mass against the ground they will jump ether far or not so far.
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