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European Explorers

By:Abby Huggins

Marcy Clark

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of European Explorers

European Explorers By: Abby Huggins John Cabots Obstacles Obstacles: He faced the obstacles of bad weather, diseases, very dangerous insects, navigation ( lost at sea), lack of water,and starvation. Glossary Juan Ponce de Leon
John Cabot
Christopher Columbus
Henry Hudson
Jacques Cartier
Vasco Nunez de Balboa John Cabots Reason For being an Explorer and being hired by England. He wanted to find gold, spices, silks, precious stones, metal,and riches. This is a picture of gold. John Cabot's Accomplishments He was the first person to discover North America.He discovered it along his expedition to Asia.

He sailed to canada in 1497,with his small ship Matthew.Cabot landed near Newfoundland or Cape Breton Island on June 24,1497.One of his three sons came with him on his journey.

Cabot claimed land for England. This is a picture of John Cabot. This is a picture of John Cabot's routes Born: 1450
Died:1499 Life span Mission He was searching for the non existing Northwest passage. Interesting Facts He worked as a merchant and a navigator.

He sailed to the New World in his ship Matthew.

His itilian name is Giovannni Caboto.

He was hired by England. Here is another map of his expeditions. Christopher Columbus Obstacles He grew up in Italy but was hired by Spain. He faced the obstacles of navigation,weather,The New World ,and his crew was scared. This is a map of the world. His purpose for exploration He wanted to sail west and get to China.
He also wanted to find wealth (gold,spices, and various types of minerals). Accomplishments He made 3-4 voyages and he settled in Central and South America.

He started the Colombian Exchange which brought different crops and foods to different places.

He discovered an island named San Salvador. First voyage On his first voyage he found Caribbean islands off Southeastern North America.
The people their where called the Taino.Christopher Columbus claimed the land his and he named the place the indies.He thought the Taino was a group of indians. They started to trade stuff with them .It was called the Colombian Exchange . John Cabot's voyages First voyage: He sailed out of Bristol with his ship Matthew on May 2,1497. He landed in the New World believing he had landed on the east coast of Asia.

Last voyage:When Cabot arrive back in England (where he had moved to).He was honored with a heros welcome award the reading ''The Land Of Spices''.He wa smade an admiral and back to Japan with 5 ships. Second Expedition He sailed with 17 ships and 1,200-1,500 men sailed with him.He wanted to find gold and capture the indians as slaves. Third voyage He sailed farther south this time to Trinidad and Venezuela.He was he first European explorer besides the viking Leif Ericsson to the mainland of America. Fourth voyage He sailed to Mexico,Honduras,Panama , and Santiago. This is a map of Mexico. Interesting
facts He had three ships they were the Pinta,Sana Maria,and Nina. The largest ship he had was the Santa Maria. He didn't get along well with the Native Americans. He was born in 145l and died in 1506. John cabot had a ship named The Matthhew Did John Cabot get along good with the Native Americans? Cabot didn't get along well with the native americans but he tried to. He convinced the king and queen of Spain to pay for his jurneys. His crew brought diseases over to the taino and wiped out all of them. Juan Ponce de Leon He was hired by spain. Born:1460 Died:1521 The obstacles Leon faced He faced the obstacles of starvation,diseases,and weather. He also fought with the Native Americans. Christopher Columbus Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Juan Ponce de Leon These people were hired by Spain This is a map of Spain This is a picture of Christopher Columbus's routes. Purpose He wanted to find the fountain of youth and riches. Achievements He was the first european to discover Florida. Interesting
Facts He was buried in Puerto Rico He was part of Christopher Columbus's crew. He was born in Santervas,Spain He was governor of Higuey ,Dominican Republic He established the oldest european settlement in Puerto Rico. He discovered the Gulf Stream. This is Leon's routes. Vasco Nunez de Balboa His sponsor country is Spain. Born: 1475

Died: 1519 Obstacles He fought with the Native Americans . . His boat was messed up. Starvation,weather,navigation,mountains,and lack of fresh water. . Balboa's Balboa's Purpose for Exploration He wanted to find gold and pearls he also wanted to find land and a new route to the Pacific Ocean. Achievements He was the first to sail the central pacific ocean. He claimed the Pacific Ocean and all it's shores for Spain,which opened the way fo Interesting Facts He got married to a Native Americans chief"s daughter.

He was born in Jerez de los Caballeros,Spain in 1475. This is were he sailed. Vasco Nunez de Balboa's journeys At the time of Vasco Nunez de Balboa alot of explorers were trying to get to the New World but Balboa wasn't like everyone else he began a journey to south America after exploring the present day Columbia area.Along his journey he stayed on the island of Hispaniola.There he got into debt and fled hiding away on a ship headed for San Salvador. Balboa's Journeys In 1513 Balboa led a journey o search for a new sea and for precious metal and stones.
he hoped that if he was successful he would win the favor of the king of Spain (King Ferdinand).He didn't achieve is goal but he did find another great thing called the Pacific ocean. Interesting Fact The news of Balboa's discovery was spreading and the news got to the king Pedro Arias de Avila the new governor of the town Darias.He was jealous of Balboa's discovery so he ordered him to be arrested over the charges of treasen.After a short trial Balboa was beheaded in 1519. Henry Hudson He sailed for England. Born: 1565 Died:1611 Obstacles He faced the obstacles of his crew,cold climate ,and starvation. Did he get along with the natives? Yes , he did. Achievements He sailed up the Hudson River in present day New York. He sailed up the Hudson bay in present day Canada He sailed up this river. This is the Colombian Exchange. Purpose He wanted to find the northwest passage and wealth. Alot of explorers wanted to find the "Northwest passage" They thought they could sail west and end up in Asia and China but the USA was in their way .They did not know that the USA was t in their for a while. His ships were named the Discovery,Hopewell ,and Half Moon. He sailed with the ships called Santa Maria,Santiago,and San Cristobal. He went on Christopher Columbus's 2nd expedition to America in 1493.He did not return to Spain with Columbus .He stayed in what is now known as the Dominican Republic.He was appointed governor of Higuey which is in the Dominican Republic.He later heard of gold on the island of what is now known as Puerto Rico.He brutally conquered the island and claimed it for Spain.He then was the governor of that island.Due to him not getting along with the Natives he was removed from office in 1511. He was then given the right to find and take the island of Bimini in the Bahamas.He was searching for riches and the fountain of youth. He sailed from Puerto Rico on March 3,1513 with three ships Santa Maria,Santiago,and San Cristobal.On this expedition he found Florida and claimed it for Spain. On his 3rd expedition he was searching for Bimmi but instead he found Andros Island. On his final expedition he was also searching for Bimmi.He and 200 men landed on the west coast of Flordia instead .They were caught by a bunch of natives.They killed many of the crew members with arrows including Juan Ponce de Leon.He is now buried in San ,Juan Puerto Rico. First expedition On May 1,1607 Hudson's son and 11 other crew members came with him on a expedition from England on his boat the Hopewell.He and his crew went pass Greenland and the north pole .They were working for an english trading company and they were hoping to find a quicker way to get from England to the far east by the Arctic Ocean (northwest passage).In the next two years he tried to find the Nortwest Passage two more times ,but he did not accomplish that.The english trading company would not pay for any more of his expeditions. Second expedition In 1609 he moved to Holland and sailed for a Dutch Trading Company On the ship named the Half Moon in 1609 he set to sail from Amsterdam and headed north .Trying to find a way through the Arctic to the far east .This time the conditions were so bad that his crew of about 20 men threatened to mutiniy.He turned the ship around and headed south down the east coast of Canada.Hudson was hoping that the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean were separated by just a tiny strip of land and that he would be able be the one to find the shortest way between both oceans.He sailed into New York Bay in September of 1609 and explored the Hudson River.He was looking for a shortcut to the Pacific,but he did not achieve his goal. Final Voyage On his final voyage from England in 1610 he went to Canada and he sailed up the Hudson Bay.He thought it was the Pacific Ocean at first. Jacques Cartier Here are Henry Hudson's routes Interesting Facts He sailed for France Born:1491
Died:1557 His crew set him out on a boat with his son and a couple of crew members with barely any food and water because they were mad at him.He was never heard from again after that. The Hudson River and Hudson Bay are named after him. Here is a picture of him. Obstacles He faced the obstacles of the disease scurvy ,starvation,navigation,and weather. Achievements He sailed over 1,000 miles over the St.Lawrence River. Here is a map of where Jacques Cartier went. Here is the St.Lawrence River. He named Canada. Purpose He wanted to find The Northwest Passage. Fun Fact He crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 20 days. Voyages He made the crossing of the Atlantic in only 20 day and landed on the island near the coast of Newfoundland.He sailed north and entered the bay of the St.Lawrence river. voyages This time he sailed through the Strait of Belle Isle and reached the St.Lawrence river. Alot of his crew suffered from the disease scurvy. Fun Fact:
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