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Markiplier and the costs he Took for us..

A Prezi about a Youtuber called MarkiplierGAME and what he did for us to be happy. And for Himself. New Hidden Markiplier Videos from Far away to New and Epic. Look and Try to find them. Explore the Prezi if Wanted. All Credit goes to Emily Harmon,

Christian Brandin

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Markiplier and the costs he Took for us..

-Draw my life-
Hello Everybody!
My name is Markiplier, and welcome to my HEROIC JOURNEY!! though I'm a simple youtuber from Ohio, Cincinnati, It is AMAZING how just a few simple videos can change a person's life! Even when they are the farthest away!
My Standard Life
Though I had a few difficulties in the past, I had an average life, I got an apartment somewhere in Cincinnati, studied engineering (biomedical?) and lived without worry. But something seemed incorrect...
It Begins
My Reward
Making videos for people everyday and knowing that they enjoy, WHATEVER it is I do, is probably the greatest reward I could ask for. I know it sounds fake and unreal, but I do mean it with all of my heart, all of my "Markiplites" give my a reason to keep making videos. Most Markiplites have actually gone through that horrible stage in life known as depression, and it just fills my heart with joy to know that I make someones day better, EVERYDAY! Through either Youtube or even in our Charity Livestreams
My On-Going Battle
While I gain more and more subscribers I strive to give them every bit of entertainment in me for 12 hours, and though I still am a loner in my apartment with my horror games and PC, I still can see something to smile about everyday even if Youtube becomes a huge butthole... I still try and try to make the best videos for my amazing subscribers, as I try to help others.
My Continued Happiness!
I could never be any happier than I am now, sitting down and just playing games and screaming like a girl. I will always love my Markiplites and I will always put all of my blood, sweat, and tears into videos just for them! (not literally) I hope this was good enough for kind and AWESOME Robin Barry and I have one more thing to say....
-Markiplier's Heroic Journery for us-
Though my first youtube account got deleted, I created a new one called MarkiplierGAME, where I posted horror let's plays and rage indie games. I kept running into hateful people in the comments, and it used to bother me. Don't worry though, I've gotten used to them.
If you want to hear something mushy-mushy from me, Markiplier, watch the video to the left! You can skip my youtube channel mumbo jumbo by watching bits 5:00-5:55... 55 seconds of pure passion!
I know having a youtube video just sitting on this notebook is stupid and illogical, but oh well. It seems like a nice area to fit this youtube video in! :P
I didn't feel happy
I felt like I wasn't going to be,
fully complete with bioengineering,
I just felt like I could do something
that interested me for most of my childhood. video games! I enjoyed playing PC games especially, and lucky for me, I found out about Youtube where I made my first account and video!
Thanks for reading!
...And as always, I WILL SEE YOU... in the next presentation. BUY-BYE!!

- Believe in Yourself
- Draw My Life - Markiplier
~Markipliers Wiki... http://markiplier.wikia.com/wiki/Markiplier
~Tumblr... I know you might think this doesn't count but it was a post by him about his bioengineering... so meh!
Wheres the black Smith?
-Bye and Hello-
To his fans From his fans

Personal note-Markiplier has Taught me to do whatever i want even if i Get teased or Bullyed about it to do what i Want and that I have fun......Thats what Being a Youtuber really is.
Note-Markiplier i Feel is not for Kids under 14 or 16 Beacuse he can say some things :3
I am Sorry You are
Gay D:
-Titled For Some Dubstep?-
-More Titled Dubstep-
DubStep here->
And here->
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